The Wheel.

When you spend as much time on the road as I do, you see a lot of strange things. And, in the winter time, you see a lot of tracks in the snow from hapless motorist who lose it and wind up in the ditch.

So, one wintery evening, I noticed a tire track headed down into the median. Since there was only one tire track gradually going down into the median, I assumed that the other was soon to follow. But no, there was only one tire track.

This was most unusual; a single tire track rolling along in the median. Then, after about a 1/4 of a mile, a single tire laid in the snow and the track ended.

How did a single tire manage to roll down into the median? Very strange. Then, on down the road, I saw it; a pick-up truck missing a rear wheel.

It must have been a strange feeling to see your rear wheel passing you in the median. Oh well.

40 Degree Temperature Shift.

Last night, it was 45 degrees outside.  Today, it is 5 degrees outside.  Michigan is known for such sudden shifts.  Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often.

It started out raining, then it got cold and the rain froze.  Then, it started snowing and blowing.

Everything is closed.   It is too icy to go outside.  Cars are sliding off the road all over the place.

Salt doesn’t work much below 20 degrees.  That is why it is nice to have an outside thermometer on your car.  If it is above 20, chances are goof that the road will have salt on it.  If it is below 20, chances are you are drive on ice.

We only have about 8 more weeks of winter.

The Endorsement.

Senator Carl Levin recently announced that he has endorsed a candidate for president. Unfortunately, he is not telling anybody who that might be. I guess that makes it a secret endorsement.

What a novel idea! If you don’t tell anyone who you are endorsing, then you can always say “sorry you lost. I endorsed you, you know.” This is the original “win win” situation. In fact, not only can you endorse all of the loosers, you can also endorse the winners!

Carl is such a brilliant man!

70% off!

Meijer’s, (regional grocery chain) is having a sale on jewelry this week. 70% off! But, it positively ends on Saturday. So, if you want to take advantage of their discounts, you’d better get there soon. The next sale won’t begin until next Sunday.

Come to think of it, the sale is the same regardless of the week. That same sale was on 4 years ago when I bought my gold earring.

There must be a tremendous markup on jewelry.

Dry Markers.

Here at work, we have a lot of white boards with colored markers. They are the equivalent of what chalk boards used to be in generations past.

With special markers and special erasers, you can draw on these boards and then erase them. It works really nice.

But, one of our secretaries discovered that the markers that we were using had a chemical that was some what toxic. So, she found some marks that were not toxic.

The only problem is that the new markers don’t erase as well as the toxic ones. So, after a while, the white boards get messy. No problem. Our secretary got us some cleaner to clean the white boards. The only problem is that the cleaner is, well, toxic.

So, instead of gradually getting poisoned by the old marks, we can get poisoned in mass by the cleaner.   Go figure.

Power Door Locks 3.

The remote for the door locks on my car has a panic button on it. If I feel threatened and happen to be near my car, I can hit the panic button. And by doing so, the horn will start to beep and the lights will flash. Certainly a nice feature for nights when I am working late.

The other night, Kathy and I were sitting at the table eating supper when we heard a horn beeping in the garage. Right a way we knew that one of the cars had gone into the panic mode. So, with keys in hand, we both headed for the garage.

When we got there we discovered that it was my car doing the beeping. I always keep my car keys in my pocket so I must have accidentally bumped the button.

I was surprised that the transmitted had enough power to go through the walls of the house. Who knows how many times I have accidentally locked and unlocked the car doors while eating?

Power Door Locks 2

My new car has a remote for the doors. If I press the lock button once, it locks all of the doors. If I press the lock button a second time, it shuts off the lights.

I can also unlock the doors with the remote. If I press the unlock button once, it unlocks the drivers door. If I press the unlock button a second time, it unlocks all of the doors. But, the kicker is that I have only a few seconds to open a door. If I fail to open a door within the alloted time, all of the doors will lock.

Once, I backed the car out of the garage and left it running while I went back into the house. When I returned, the doors were locked. I had to get Kathy’s set of keys in order to get back into the car.

I don’t know why it did that so I am scared to leave the car running when I have to get out for something. And when I do, I also leave the door ajar.

Power Door Locks 1.

My new car has power door locks. OK, my past three cars have had power door locks. But what makes this car different is that all the doors lock when I put it in gear. But more to the point, they don’t unlock when I put the car in park. The only way to unlock all of the doors is to manually hit the unlock button.

This feature is annoying because I keep forgetting to unlock all of the doors. So, I may get out of the drivers side and go to the backseat to retrieve something only to discover that the door is locked. Bother.

-5 Degrees.

It was cold last weekend. It was so cold that when I went out to get the paper, street lights had spires of light shooting up into the sky. They kind of looked like light sabers. The spires are caused by the heat from the lights. It was really kind of cool.

Big Truck.

The other day when I was at the grocery store, I noticed a couple loading groceries into the bed of their pickup truck. The only problem was that the truck was too tall just to set groceries in the back. Instead, the woman stood in the bed of the truck and the man passed groceries up to her.

I guess they don’t have to worry about getting snowed in.