Social scientists have defined a new type of relationship. It is called Bromance. Actually, the relationship is not new, they just finally came up with a name for it.

Bromance is a relationship between two guys. And while it is not sexual or romantic, it is a strong relationship none the less.

In this relationship, the two guy are always together because they hit it off with one another and really enjoy doing things together. In a sense, you could call them best friends.

Most often, a bromance occurs between two guys that are single. After all, when you are single, you don’t have to contend with the demands of your wife. But, sometimes a bromance can occur between guys that are married. It is just a little more difficult to be together.

I imagine that some scientist got paid a lot of money to research this topic and to write about it. Personally, I don’t call it bromance, I call it male bonding.


Our local bank was robbed the other day. In an effort to get to the bank quickly, one of the sheriffs decided to run the red light on main street. And, since it was a very busy intersection, he got hit.

Of course, the fact that he was in a fully unmarked cruiser didn’t help matters either. People thought that it was just another car and weren’t expecting it to run the red light.

I don’t know why he was in such a hurry. The bandit was last seen fleeing on a red bicycle.

More Snow!

It snowed last night again.  This is getting old.  While we only got an inch and it will probably melt today, winter needs to go “bye bye” as this is now spring.  And while the snow is pretty, sticking to the trees and such, it is time for flowers and green grass.

I know that this is life in Michigan but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t time for spring.  Two days ago, I had my moon roof open because it was so warm.  Today, I have to shovel my walk.  Drat!

Calling All Cars!

When we were coming home last night, we noticed a lot of sheriff cars leaving Lowell.  We thought this was most unusual as we seldom see a sheriff.

When we got into town, part of main street was closed off and the fire department was there.  We assumed that there had been an accident on main street and that they were there in case of a fire.  When I got home and turned on the TV, I discovered that someone had robbed the bank

It seems that around 3 pm, some guy walked into the bank and set down a device which he called “a bomb”.  He received an undisclosed amount of case and then made his get-away on a red bicycle.  He is still on the loose.

Times are hard and I guess he couldn’t afford a car.  At least he wasn’t involved in a high speed chase.

The Corn Flake.

A corn flake sold for $1,350.00 recently on Ebay. Why the high price? The corn flake was in the shape of the state of Illinois.

Why would anyone pay that much money for a corn flake in the shape of Illinois? Do they think that some collector will pay even more for the flake or doing plan to put it on display and charge admission?

It would take someone who is flaky to buy a corn flake for that much money and someone even flakier to pay to see it. As P.T. Barnum always said “there is a sucker born every minute.”

Kwame is Going to Jail!

Kwame Kilpatrick, the mayor of Detroit and Detroits most famous Irishman, is going to jail for perjury. A while back, he fired two Detroit police officers who were investigating his sexual activities.

The police officers sued the city, but at the trial Kwame denied the he was sexually involved with one of his staffers. Later, the local paper received copies of steamy emails that the two had sent to each other. These, of course, contradicted his previous sworn testimony. So, Kwame is going on trial.

Michigan has enough economic problems. It does not need to be portrayed as a place of graft and corruption.

Lights On, Nobody Home.

I stopped at the local Micky Ds for a breakfast burrito this morning but it was closed. The menu board was vacant and there was no one in the drive thru. I guess they went out of business.

Earlier in the week, the adjoining gas station closed but with the gas prices I am not surprised. The gas station was always high priced so that closing was no surprise. Micky Ds was always busy in the morning and at lunch time so I don’t understand why they closed.

I guess I will have to find a different Micky Ds if I want a breakfast burrito.

6 More Inches!

It snowed last night dumping about 6 inches on us.  This occurred at a time when all of the previous snow had melted and spring was on its way.

But, this is Michigan and this is what we call a late winter snow storm.  So, we fired up the old snow blower once again and attacked the driveway.  Most of the snow will probably melt by tomorrow so it shouldn’t be too bad.

This should be the last snow of the season.  Everybody is ready for spring.

Wilson, The Parking Ramp Cat.

There is a stray cat that lives in the parking ramp where I park. He is fed by the people here at work. And judging from his size, he eats well.

Over in a dark corner is his little towel lined cardboard box that he sleeps in. And he has a food and water bowl.

He is called Wilson because most of the time all you can see of him is his eyes peering over the edge of the box.

D.C. Gun Ban.

If I am understanding things correctly, it is against the law for the average citizen to own a handgun in Washington D.C. . Now, I am not talking about carrying a concealed gun, I am talking about having a handgun in your own home.

Of course, those with diplomatic immunity and law enforcement agents are allowed to carry handguns. And citizens are allowed to own rifles and shot guns, but not hand guns. As one protester pointed out, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

With one of the highest crime rates of any city in the US, I guess only criminals have handguns.