Cat Dung Coffee!

A department store in London has started selling cat dung coffee for $100 a cup. Why is it called cat dung coffee? Because, the coffee beans have been eaten by cats and collected from the cat dung.

Kopi Luwak, as it is called, is produced in the jungles of Indonesia. The ripe coffee cherries are eaten by a variety of jungle cat and then collected from the dung of the cat. It is believed that the digestive process of the cat alters the flavor of the coffee bean. And, since this bean is not mass produced, it is very expensive. How ever, if the price and popularity of this coffee remains, it will only be a matter of time before someone comes up with farm raised cat dung coffee.

And that’s the straight poop.

Dead Lawnmower.

A Wisconsin man was arrest recently for shooting his lawn mower. He was angry that it wouldn’t start so he got out his shotgun and shot it. Of course, the lawn mower still didn’t start but at least he showed it who was boss.

Unfortunately, his neighbor did not take kindly to his activities and called the police. The police came and arrested the man.

The man couldn’t understand why he was under arrest. After all, it was his lawn mower and his yard.  Richard Pryor, after shooting his car, can testify that the police do not like that kind of behavior.

Alcohol was a factor.

No Escapes!

In Japan, recently, a chimpanzee at a zoo made an escape attempt. He left his cage, which was unlocked, and bolted to freedom.

Once outside of the cage, the chimp grabbed the tranquilizer rifle from a zoo keeper and climbed up onto the roof of one of the buildings at the zoo. Looking like a sniper, the chimp basked in his new found freedom.

The zoo officials were at a loss as to how to get him down since the chimp had the zoos only dart gun. Eventually they loured him down with a banana.

I’ll bet he won’t be doing that again any time soon.

No Crack Allowed!

Flint Michigan has passed a new law regarding dress codes. It seems that they are tired of see guys walking around with their pants half down. So, now, anyone who dresses that way will be stopped by the police.

Flint has one of the highest crime rates of any city in the US. I guess they figure that such attire only fosters the crime mentality. So, ban the attire and reduce crime.

And if you are one of those individuals who are blessed with that hillbilly smile, you had better wear suspenders or you will end up in jail.


A man was arrested this week for drunk driving. His alcohol level was .491. That is the highest level ever seen in a person who was still alive and is over 6 times higher that the legal limit here in Michigan.

When he sobered up several days later, he was released on bail. It is a wonder that he didn’t catch on fire.

He was just one shot away from breaking .5.


Sudaku is rapidly becoming as popular as crossword puzzles here in the US. In fact, Sudaku is becoming a problem.

Recently, a mistrial was declared. Why? Because some members of the jury were doing Sudaku while listening to the case.

I guess the judge didn’t believe in multitasking.

A Bike on a Bike.

As I was coming home from work tonight, I saw something that I had never seen before. It was a motorcycle with a bike rack on the back. The reason that I knew it was a bike rack was because there was a bicycle on it. I guess that he used the motorcycle for long distance travel and the bike for local.

Talk about traveling cheap.

Skywalker Ranch!

Anyone who has seen the first installment of Star Wars, episode 4, will remember that Luke and his parents lived in a hole in the ground in the middle of the desert. Well, that hole in the ground was not a movie set but an actual hotel in Tunisia.

It is so hot in the desert of Tunisia that the people who live there actually live underground. They literally carve out a house in the rocks beneath the sand. And, the market that Luke and family visited when they bought R2D2 and C3PO is an actual market in Tunisia.

Life is stranger than fiction.

That’s Not Granny!

Recently, a family went to a funeral home to pay their respects for their dearly departed grandmother. But, when they got there, they discovered that the woman wearing grannies favorite dress and necklace was not granny.

It seems that the funeral home had a mix up and buried the wrong granny a few days earlier. The family, of course, was extremely upset over the mistake.

But more to the point, didn’t the other family notice that the woman in the casket did not look like their grandmother? You’d think they would have noticed.