The first morning in Palo Alto, we ate breakfast at a Taqueria just down the road. These are all over out here.

We were late in getting there as it was about 9:30 so the staff wasn’t really into the breakfast scene. In fact, they were more interested in watching a soccer game.

The waitress barely spoke English so ordering was a bit difficult. We both ordered the Burrito de Chorizo. We didn’t realize that this was a 2 pound burrito. Needless to say, it was too much for us.

We picked up a brochure as we left and discovered that we had a choice of meats including tongue and tripe. I am not sure about what we had in the sausage. We didn’t ask and she didn’t tell.

The food was OK but a little on the burnt side. Tomorrow, we will try Jack in the Box.

Tom Tom.

We bought a Tom Tom portable GPS system for our trip to San Francisco. While I am quite confident with my ability to drive in San Francisco, Palo Alto eludes me as I have never driven in the area. Rather than risk getting lost, we decided that a GPS system would be best for all of our trips.

Tom works very well but he does get upset with my speeding. I am not speeding in my sense, I am moving with the traffic. Every few miles, he squeals a warning. I do appreciate Tom but he does take me on strange trips.

I guess he knows where he is going.

I can reprogram him but he does a fantastic job telling me where to turn and which way to move.

Life in the Fast Lane!

Last night, when I got on the expressway after work, I noticed that everyone seemed to be driving in the right lane.  In fact, the right lane was packed while the other two lanes were empty.

Since it is not uncommon for the Department of Transportation to close off two lanes for road repair, I concluded that my fellow drivers knew something that I didn’t.  So, I stayed in the far right lane along with everyone else.

But something didn’t feel right.  So, I moved over into one of the empty lanes and proceeded to speed down the expressway.

I was spooked by the fact that the right lane was bumper to bumper and seemed to stretch on for miles.  And while I couldn’t see any  obstruction ahead and there were now signs,  I still felt very strange  speeding along in the left lanes.

Finally, I couldn’t stand the pressure of it any more.  Thinking that there must be an accident ahead, I decided to move over into the right lane.  That is when I noticed the orange flags on all of the cars in the right lane.  It was a funeral procession.  And judging from the number of cars in the right lane, it must have been a big funeral.

Eventually, I would have figured it out since they were all getting off at the same exit.  I made good time getting home.

Eating on the Wharf.

We decided that we were heading out to frisco for the day. The first stop was Fisherman’s wharf. It was 11:30. We were eating breakfast.

After passing a few piers, we came to the food pier. Actually, all of the piers had some food but one pier has nothing but food. Yes!

We could have opted for a nice sit down restaurant but they were pricey. So instead, we opted for fast food sea food. I had clam chowder and cold shrimp. I could have had hot crab, breaded shrimp or breaded clams. It was very good.

When I went to throw out my trash, there was an elderly street women waiting to take my trash and retrieve the Coke can. She grabbed the can, disposed of my trash and headed to the nest person.

She was efficient.

Halloween in Frisco.

San Francisco is planning for a Halloween party this year. A couple of years ago, the city had a Halloween party in the city. It was near Castro street, the gay neighborhood. Not only did the gays dress up, they also dressed up their genitals. (let you imagination run wild)  The party was shut down shortly after it started.

This year, SF is going to have another Halloween party but it won’t be any where near Castro street. Lots of luck.

KC Airport.

We recently had a layover at the Kansas City airport. We have actually had several layover at the Kansas City airport but usually it is not long enough to get off the plane.

Well, the other night we had a 2 hour lay over and had to change planes so we decide to check out the airport.

Since it was supper time and I was hungry, we went looking for a restaurant. I suspected that there was not much in the Kansas City airport since there were not even drinking fountains in the secured area. But, I guess I should be grateful that they had bathrooms.

Yet, I expected more outside the secured area. I was disappointed.

There was one pub, that’s all. Well, one pub is better than a vending machine, so we went in. I ordered a hot pork sandwich and a beer. The cost? $20.00! You can take it or leave it!

It reminded me of the days of Judge Roy Bean who had the only salon for miles on a rail line in west Texas. He used to refuse to give people change knowing that they would have to get back on their train soon.

And, since you can’t take food on the plane, you are at the mercy of these predator’s. Under any other circumstances, this would be called extortion! You can pay the airlines $7 for a cold sandwich or $20 in the terminal for a hot one!

I guess since the Kansas City airport is in Missouri, they are still in the Missouri gangster mode.  Where are Bonnie and Clyde when you need them?

Stuffed Fajitas

All summer, Taco Bell has been advertising their new Stuffed Fajitas, so I decided to try them.

The first one that I had was their steak. I was very good. The next one I tried was their chicken. The chicken was OK but it had a lot of rice as filler.

Well, last Saturday, I went through the drive through for lunch but couldn’t find them on the menu. But, since their menu is a little confusing, I just asked for the steak fajitas. The voice on the other end announced that they no longer carry that. I was so disappointed that I just said thank you and drove off.

When I got home, I went to the Taco Bell web site and sure enough, they no longer have them on their menu. Bummer!

Given the amount of money that they spent for TV ads, it seems like they would have carried for a few month at least. Oh well, they probably wasn’t healthy anyway.

Feelin Groove!

As we were walking on the wharf in San Francisco, we happened upon this couple sleeping in the grass.  It was a warm day and I imagined that they had just eaten lunch.  And finding a cool and shady spot seemed too inviting for a little nap.

I image that these people were from a non English speaking country, otherwise, they would have noticed the sign requiring you to pick up your doggie pooh.

Now, while there may not have been any pooh present, there was certainly pooh residue on the grass.  And, given the necessity of the sign, I am guessing that it was a popular spot for pooh.  So, they may wake up with some strange stains on their clothes.

I wonder if this is how the hippie movement started back in the 60s?

The Impound!

When we were down on the wharf, the other day in San Francisco, we noticed that two cops and a city worker were cutting off the chain on a bicycle. The bike was chained to a lamp post and I guess that is illegal in San Francisco.

When I looked around, I noticed that there were no bike racks in the area. This surprised me. For a city that prides itself on being green, I would have thought that bike racks would be common place. Not so.

But more to the point, there were no signs prohibiting you from chaining your bike to a lamp post.

In a matter of seconds, the chain was cut and the bike removed. I am sure that the owner was shocked when he/she returned.