Bacon Explosion!

There is a new food dish that is sure to make the rounds this Super Bowl weekend. It is called Bacon Explosion.

The dish is fairly simple to make. It requires 2 pound of bacon, 2 pounds of ground Italian sausage, barbecue rub and barbecue sauce.

To start with, you weave a mat of bacon that is about 10 X 10 and sprinkle it with the rub. Then, you add the ground Italian sausage, spreading it evenly over the bacon mat. Then you cut the remaining bacon into squares and cook it up as you would with any bacon and top off the sausage with the bacon. Add barbecue sauce, and then roll the sausage/bacon mixture into a log. Finally, you rap the log with the bacon mat and slow cook in a smoker for about 2 hours. When it it done, you glaze it with more barbecue sauce and serve.

Only 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat. Yum!

One Man’s Meat ….

Seven Japanese men were hospitalized after eating blowfish testicles in a Japanese restaurant. Blowfish are highly poisonous if they are not properly prepared. And, apparently, their chef was not licensed to prepare blowfish.

The poison in blowfish is one of the deadliest in the world. When consumed, it numbs the nervous system and inhibits breathing and the pumping of the heart. There is no known antidote for it and people are kept alive by respirators until the poison wears off.

Now, not all parts of the blowfish are poisonous and the fish itself is not all that tasty. So, the chef serves the non-poisonous parts along with just a touch of the poison so that the customer can experience the numbing feeling in their mouth. The trick, how ever, is to ensure that the consumer doesn’t get too much poison.

I think I would rather have a good lobster.

Lingerie Football.

It looks like the 6th annual lingerie football game will be canceled this year. The reason? The promoter can’t promise that the spectators won’t be nude.

The pay for view Super Bowl half time show is sponsored by a group of individuals who, well, like to live in the buff. So, there is no guarantee that urge to go “au natural” would not over power the need for discretion. And, after Janets unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, the network decided not to risk another media event.

Eight is Enough!

A woman in California just gave birth to 8 babies! I can’t even begin to imagine what their life is going to be like. It kind of makes the sextuplets look shabby. She is almost going to need an assemble line just to change their diapers.

I wonder if they have her in a bed or a farrowing pen?

Free Rotisserie Chicken.

As I was in the checkout at Meijers (regional grocery chain) I noticed that they were promoting their credit card. It seems if you sign up for their credit card, you will get a free rotisserie chicken!

For those of you who are not familiar with rotisserie chickens, they are chickens that are cooked daily on a special rotisserie and sold hot off the spit. And with any degree of luck, they will still be warm when you are ready to eat them.

We signed up for a Meijers card last summer but they didn’t offer us a free chicken. I guess we should have waited.

Flat Screens May Go!

Regulators in California are considering banning flat screen TVs. Since flat screens use 30 to 60% more power than conventional TVs, there is concern that they my stress the already weak power grid. And with the advent of HDTV, consumers are opting for the flat screens rather than the converter box.

If the law goes into effect, the sales of flat screen TVs will boom in Nevada.

B.K. Joe

I occasionally stop at Burger King and get a cup of decaf on my way to practice at church.  And, I usually order a small.

Well, last night, I decided to live life on the edge and order a medium.  But, what I didn’t realize is that our Burger King does not offer a LARGE cup of coffee.  Instead, they offer a small, a regular and a medium. So, while I thought I was getting a step up from the small, I was really getting their top of the line.

I guess I should have ordered an extra large small instead.

Hansel and Gretel.

Have you ever thought about Hansel and Gretel, the children’s story? Hansel and Gretel’s father abandons them in the woods because their step mother says that she can no longer feed them. They are found by an evil witch who captures them and tries to fatten them up so she can eat them. They eventually push the witch into the oven and kill her. Then they return home to discover that their stepmother is dead.

It is a wonder we didn’t have more nightmares growing up.

Bar Keepers Friend is No Longer Kosher.

Bar Keepers friend is not longer Kosher. The company was sold and while the formula is the same, they refuse to get certified as Kosher. So, they loose their Kosher rating.

This has left a lot of Kosher women unhappy as they no longer have a product that will easily clean their Alclad cookware. But, I guess if you are Kosher, you should be used to hardships.