The spokesman for Shamwow, that wonderful cleaning cloth seen on TV, was arrested the other day for assaulting a prostitute.  He claimed that she bit his tongue so he hit her.

He shouldn’t complain, it could have been worse.


A 14 year old New Jersey girl was arrested for child pornography. What did she do? She posted nude pictures of herself on the internet. And since she was underage, what she did was illegal.  I guess they figure that she had taken advantage of an underage child so that makes her both the victim and the perp.

I wonder if she will testify against her self?

The First Gardener.

The First Lady had a photo opt of her working in her new garden. While I applaud her efforts at gardening, she needs to dress for the occasion. A skirt and heels are not gardening attire. It was like an episode from Green Acres.

Maybe Martha can come over and give her some gardening tips. I wonder if they will let an excon in the White House?

The First Garden.

The Obama’s are putting in a vegetable garden at the White House. It is the first such garden since WWII. It will provide organically grown fruit and vegetables for the First Family and their guests.

With the claim of 50 different fruits and vegetables, it would seem that the garden is huge. However, in all actuallity, it is only about 1000 sq. ft. which by todays standards is rather small.

I doubt that they will be having a road side stand anytime soon.

Obama Oops #1.

Well, he hasn’t been in office a 100 days and already he is offending people with his careless remarks. It seems that he referred to his bowling skills as comparable to the Special Olympics. And of course, the Special Olympics people were offended.

Now granted, he didn’t mean to offend these folks and I think that they did over react. But more to the point, he is the President of the United States and not some stand up comic and he needs to conduct himself accordingly.

Stay tuned, I am sure this won’t be the last.


Lent is always a big event in the office. We have a large Catholic population and they are always giving something up for Lent. For some, it is smoking, while for others it is chocolate. And of course there is a financial penalty for each and every infraction.

One woman that I work with always gives up swearing. Of course, she doesn’t keep track of her infractions. Instead, at the end of Lent she just makes one large cash settlement.

The church must really rake in the dough during Lent.

Pay Toilets.

A British airline has installed credit card readers on the doors of their airplane bathrooms. Tired of shouldering the burden of the bathrooms, the airline decided to let the passengers pay for the cost of the potty.

I hope they make enough revenue to off set to clean up costs in the cabin.