Bourbon Sweet Potatoes

One of our favorite holiday recipes is Bourbon sweet potatoes. And, as the name suggests, this recipe calls for some bourbon.

So, when my wife got down the bottle of Jack Daniels, I pointed out the her that Jack Daniels was not Bourbon. When she asked what to use for Bourbon, I told her to use the Jim Beam.

Moments later, I looked over to see her getting out the bottle of scotch. Confused, I asked her what she was going to do with the scotch. She said that she was going to put it in the sweet potatoes. Seeing her confusion, I told her that J&B were not the initials for Jim Beam. I then directed her to the Jim Beam.

The sweet potatoes were delicious.

Lowell is Number 1!

Lowell has won their third State Championship in foot ball.  A 27-6 win cinched the title.  Of course, with a score like that, it didn’t sound like much of a game.  Still, a win is a win.

Lowell has always been good at football.  But, basketball, well, that is another matter.

White House Security.

A couple from Virginia recently attended a dinner party at the White House. Now, attending a dinner party at the White House would not be that unusual were it not for the fact that the couple weren’t invited. That’s right, they crashed a dinner party at the White House.

Apparently, the couple dressed in evening attire, rented a limo and driver, and drove to the White House. Once there, they announced who they were and then proceeded through security. Once inside, they schmoozed with VIPs through out the evening. Their feat was only discovered the next day when it was published in the paper.

Maybe Madonna could give the White House some pointers on security.

Happy Turkey Day!

In keeping with Thanksgiving traditions, two turkeys were donated to the White House. And, in keeping with White House traditions, the turkeys were granted pardons and then shipped to some zoo to live out the rest of their lives.

Actually, when I heard that the President had pardoned two turkeys, I wondered if Kwame Kilpatrick, Michigan’s most famous Irishman, was one of them.

But stop and think about it. What else are they going to do with two turkeys? If they decided to eat the birds, every animal rights activist would be up in arms. Besides, with the size of those birds, they would be eating turkey for the next six weeks.

I suppose they could keep them as pets but given the fact that they are given two every year, the White House would soon be over run with turkeys. In actuality, some one at some time should put a stop to this tradition. But, it is a photo opt so it will continue until something bad happens.

The End is Near!

The end is near!  I am not talking about the fact that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012.  I am talking about the fact that the Lyons won a football game.

What a shame.  They could have had another record breaking season of losses.

Killer Flu!

Move over N1H1 there’s a new flu in town.  Its called the Ukrainian flu and it is sweeping, well,  the Ukraine.  189 people have already died from it and more than a million have been infected.

And while the number of deaths is small compared to the conventional flu or even the N1H1, the media is running out of stories to scare people with.  After all, N1H1 is pretty much done and 2012 is a few years off.  Middle East bombers and African pirates are old news, so the media is desperate.

Oh wait.  Here is a new twist.  The flu vaccine, that you were scared in to getting, may be tainted.

The Silver Dome.

The Silver Dome in Pontiac Mi was recently sold for a little over a half million dollars. The former home to the Detroit Lions was built in 1975 for about 55 million dollars. But, when the team moved to a new facilities, the city was left with a structure that cost them 1.5 million a year to maintain. So, in the end, it was a good move for the city.

Maybe some mega church will move into.

The Elves are Back.

For many years, letters addressed to Santa were redirected by the postal service to a small town in Alaska. The good folks of this town then sent replies back to the children.

But with the rise of child predators, the post office deemed this an unsafe practice. So, they announced that they would no longer forward the letters.

Of course, the residence of the town were offended and complained along with numerous others. In response to the complaints, the postal service decided to continue with its former practice.

So, boys and girls, get your letters to Santa out early before the rates go up again.

The Pumpkin Shortage!

Because of the unseasonably wet weather in the midwest, this years pumpkin crop has pretty much been wiped out. This means that there is a shortage of canned pumpkin. And, without canned pumpkins, there won’t be any pumpkin pie.

I will have to check the store on Saturday and stock up. Let the hoarding begin.

Leggo My Eggo!

The “Let go my Eggo” ad phrase has taken on a new meaning recently.

It seems that flooding in Atlanta a few months ago, shut down the Eggo factory. And, production has yet to be restored. This in turn has led to a shortage of Eggos, which has led to the hoarding of Eggos, which has led to Eggos rationing.

It is bad enough that unemployment and gas prices are at record highs, now we have to suffer the shortage of Eggos.