Gay Vultures?

Two male vultures, at a zoo in Germany, had paired off and built a nest together. Not only did they share the nest, they were with each other constantly.

Now, zoo officials did not think that this was a healthy relationship. So, they separated the two birds and forced them to take female mates.

Of course, gay rights activists in Germany are now upset because of the actions of the zoo officials. They feel that the zoo has totally disregarded the sexual preferences of the birds.

It will be interesting to see if the birds actually mate with the females.  And if they do….

Who Stole My Wings?!!

Every Wednesday, here at the Karmanos hospital, they have chicken wings for lunch. And, in keeping with their practice of displaying their entrees near the entrance to the cafeteria, they have a plate of chicken wings along with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. And, every Wednesday, their chicken wings disappear from the plate.

Now, I am reasonably sure that the wings didn’t fly off by themselves. So, some one must have taken them.

What I find even more interesting is that the entree is displayed right next to the salad bar. Could it be that someone is sneaking a wing into their Caesar Salad?

I guess that some people are inspired to eat their salad knowing that there is a greasy chicken wing waiting for them at the bottom of the bowl.

How to Survive in Prison.

Over the years, my blog has received a fair amount of spam. This includes everything from porn to electric cigarettes (what ever they are). So, when I noticed the spam on “how to survive in prison”, it caught my attention.

Ordinarily, I don’t post spam on my website. But this topic so intrigued me that I decided to post it anyway.

This spam was sent by a man who has done time and written a book about it. He also has a blog on the subject which offers some basic information on survival.  But, if you want the full scoop, you need to buy his book.

When I did a search on the topic, I was amazed at the number of resources available.  But, I do have to wonder if the books were written by actual prisoners or if they used a professional writer.    But, regardless, I hope I never need to read one.

Breitling Watches.

The other day, I saw an ad for a Breitling watch. It was over $5,000!

Now, I have seen other watches that were as expensive, but they all kinds of jewels on the outside. This watch just had all kinds of dials on the face. It looks like you would need an advanced degree use it. I wonder if it tells time in seven different languages?

According to the ad, it is a professional watch. A chronometer! In the ad, John Travolta is pictured standing next to his WWII plane so it must be used for flying planes.

Frankly, if my watch cost $5,000, I would be scared to wear it. But, I guess John Travolta can afford to replace it if he looses it.

It won’t be on my Christmas list any time soon.

Dorcas Reilly.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we need to remember Dorcas Reilly and her contribution to the holiday . Her one single act changed the course of Thanksgiving dinners all across America.

What did she do, you may ask? Why, she invented the green bean casserole. And, because of her, Cream of Mushroom soup has become Campbells best seller.

So, here’s to you Dorcas Reilly. Happy Thanksgiving!

Presidential Turkeys.

Every year, someone is selected to donate two turkeys to the President. And, every year, the President “pardons” the turkeys and then gives them away to a zoo of some sort. Well, today, the President got his two turkeys and in keeping with tradition, he “pardoned” them and gave them away.

Personally, I am waiting for a President to actually eat the turkeys. I mean, they weren’t donated as pets, they were donated to be the main course for the Presidents Thanksgiving dinner.

I suspect that these birds were the best of the flock. So, it would seem to me that he insults the donor by not eating them.

Of course, if he did eat the turkeys, the animal rights groups would go nuts.  So, I guess he is better off with a turkey that has already been processed and not used in a photo opt.  Besides, the White  House is probably not prepared to kill and dress a turkey.

Doctor Ned, Part 2.

When Kathy’s brother Tom came to visit us at Karmanos hospital, he offered to take me out for lunch. So, when he entered the parking ramp, I followed him to his car.

Well, when we came to our first card access door I realized that we were in the employees stairway instead of the visitors stairway. But, before I could say “wrong stairway”, some one held open the door for us and let us in. I thanked them and we entered the secured area.

Now, I don’t know if the fact that I was wearing surgical scrubs and a white jacket had anything to do with it, but we did enter with no one questioning us.

When in Rome…

Doctor Ned, Part 1.

The neighborhood where the Karmanos hospital it located is what I would call a “renaissance” neighborhood. By that, I mean that a once bad neighborhood is slowing being revitalized by new development. So, I was not surprised to find an upscale restaurant just one block away from the hospital on one of Detroits most famous avenues, Woodward.

Now, in all of the weeks that we have been down here at Karmanos, I have never ventured our of the hospital on foot. But, when Kathy’s brother Tom came to visit and suggested going out for lunch, we decided to walk over to that upscale restaurant.

Now, the restaurant was only a block from the hospital and it was a bright sunny day, so I said why not. And, since I was dressed in surgical scrubs and a white jacket, I figured that we would blend in with the medical community in the neighborhood.

Well, blend we did. As soon as we got over on Woodward Ave, some street person came up to me and thanked me for saving his leg. He said that he was drunk and really hurt but he remembered my face from the ER. He shook my hand and thanked me over and over again for saving his leg. After about five minutes of praises, handshakes and pats on the back, I managed to escape.

After that, we decided to drive to a restaurant in another area.

The Stretch Limo.

While staying at Karmanos hospital, I have seen patients arrive in cars, cabs, ambulances and buses. But, I was surprised to look out the window and see a stretch limo.

It made me wonder if there was an accident at a wedding. Or maybe a high school home coming event went array. But, as I watched the limo, I saw a stream of visiting doctors file into the limo.

Mystery solved.

Starch or Grease?

It seems like all of the cafeterias that I have eaten in lately offer only two choices: starch or grease. And the one here at Karmanos hospital is no exception.

For example, at breakfast, they offer scrambled eggs with cheese, biscuits with sausage gravy, hash browns, macaroni and cheese, bacon and sausages. And, I have seen people load up their plate with all of these and then have the whole thing covered with gravy.

Now, this is one of those Catch 22 situations. The people who want the grease and starch are the ones who eat in the cafeteria. So, that is what the cafeteria serves. The people who want healthy food, don’t eat in the cafeteria because the cafeteria doesn’t serve healthy food. And, if the cafeteria started serving healthy food instead of the grease and starch, the grease and starch customers would leave.

But, it probably all boils down to profits. There is more money to be made with 50 pounds of potatoes than there is with 50 pounds of strawberries.