New Kitchen Cabinets.

My new kitchen cabinets arrived.  Kathy and I had looked at them when she was still alive.  And, she picked out certain configurations and a certain styling.  Well, I decided that it was time to execute that plan.  So, I went to Menards and ordered the cabinets that she had wanted.

I do miss her very very much.

Post No Bills.

Since there are so many protesters in down town Lansing, the State has banned anyone from bring signs into the Capitol building. And I can understand that.  The State doesn’t want the inside of its building damaged from these signs.  So, if you want to make your cause known, get tee shirts printed.

Wild Bird Seed.

I saw a sign the other day advertising “wild bird seed”.

I assume that this is seed for wild birds and not bird seed from the wild.   But regardless, is there a difference between bird seed for wild birds and bird seed for domestic birds?

Where Has Suzanne Geha Gone?

The big mystery in Grand Rapids is the sudden disappearance of Suzanne Geha, a local TV anchor woman.  Is she going to work for another station?  Did they not renew her contract?  Is she holding out for more money?

I guess it doesn’t really matter.  It is time that she be replaced with someone a lot younger.   She was starting to look as haggard as Barbara Walters.

But, she will always be in my memory.  In fact, I will think of her every time I see a Guernsey.

Raiders of the Lost Rolling Pin.

Friends and family often try to help me out by doing dishes for me.  And I do appreciate their help.  But, I wish that they would ask me where things are stored rather than just guessing.

Todays’ quest was for the rolling pin.  Since it wasn’t where it is normally kept, it could be any where in the  house.  After a half hour search, it was located in the back of a cupboard.

Recently, I have adopted the attitude of “If I can’t find it, I will just buy another one.”  Life is too short to be looking for stuff.

Latvia, the Gateway to Michigan.

The president of Latvia visited Michigan last week.  The Governor took him on a tour of the state, even the UP (upper peninsula).

I am not sure why the Governor was doing this.  Was he hoping to attract investors from Latvia?  Or, was he hoping to send worker to Latvia?

Maybe he was hoping that Latvia would fund the new bridge to Canada.

Unisex Bathrooms?

The other day, as I was finishing up using the bathroom at work, I heard the stall door next to me open.

Now, ordinarily, I would not have thought much about it except that on this occasion, a woman emerged from the stall next to me.

Well, I did a quick assessment of the plumbing in the restroom and concluded that I was indeed in the correct restroom.   So, the mistake must have been on her part.

Now, I don’t personally care.  I just don’t want to hear complaints about guys using the MENS’ restroom.  Thank you!!

More Demonstrators.

Well, the unions and the seniors of the state have decided to make their voices known.  So, they all demonstrate at noon in front of the Capitol.  Over four thousand strong.  Then, they all go to lunch.

Well, at least they are helping out the local food establishments.  🙂