The other night, we had rain.  6 inches to be exact.   Well, OK, maybe it was seven inches, but, regardless, we had a lot of rain. So much so that the little creek along side my house, became a raging river.

Old Man river….

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When Cops Don’t Carry Guns.

The massacre that took place in Norway is totally unfathomable.   Not only did the killing spree go on for hours, the police were slow to respond.

But, more to the point, the police in Norway are not allowed to carry guns.  In fact, the police need a special permit in order to carry a gun.  So, if the police are not equipped to deal with violent crimes, then who is?  Or does Norway believe that there will be no violent crimes in their country?

Well, hopefully Norway will realize that they live in a violent world.  And while no one wants to be held prisoner in their own home for fear of crime, maybe they will realize that the police do need to carry guns.

Maybe Norway will take this event to heart and properly equip their law enforcement officers for violent crimes as it is only going to get worse.  But, sadly, they will probable just declare this to be an isolated event and maintain their status quo.


Victims of Fashion.

Our office is always cold year round.  It is cold in the winter and even colder in the summer.

Unfortunately, the women in our office are victims of fashion.  They feel the need to wear summer clothes in the summer and winter clothes in the winter.  So, even though our office is freezing, they dress in sandals, short dresses and shirt with no sleeves.  And, consequently, they are constantly cold.

And while I sympathize with their need to be fashionable, it does come with the price of freezing.

I guess that they can always hope for an early menopause.

Raining Yogurt!

We had very heavy rains last night.  In fact, it rained so hard that the rain came down like yogurt.

Well, actually, it was yogurt.  It seem that in the heavy rain, a semi loaded with yogurt flipped over on a bridge in downtown GR.  So, not only did it create a slimy mess on the pavement, it also ran over the edge of the bridge and on to the road below.

Now, for the drivers on the road below, not only did they have to deal with heavy rain, they also had to deal with fruit and lumpy dairy.

I wonder if it was pro-biotic?

Got Mosquitoes? Wash Your Feet.

A researcher has discovered that Mosquitoes are attracted to smelly feet.  So, maintaining clean feet and shoes reduces you chances of attracting mosquitoes.

However, in Africa, they are using smelly socks or the chemical equivalent, to attract Mosquitoes into a poison trap.

Maybe smelly feet explains why some people attract Mosquitoes while others don’t.  So, instead of using Deep Woods Off, maybe we should be using Dr. Scholls instead.


Having recently driven through toll booths in Chicago and having waited for up to 10 minutes to hand them $.60, I decided that paying cash was a complete waste to time.

Now, all of these toll booths are equipped to handle I-Pass.  I-Pass is an electronic device that sends my account information to the toll booth every time that I pass through it.

It works very similar to scanning a debit card at a store.  Only in this case, your car acts as the debit card and the toll booth acts as the reader.

And it not only saves time going through the Illinois toll booths, it also works in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and all along the east coast.  Yes!!!

And, while the initial deposit is $10, I think that it is money well spent.  I wonder if it works at the Micky Ds drive throughs?

Carlos O Kellys, Where Have You Gone?

The other night, we went into Grand Rapids for supper.  Since Carlos O Kellys is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, we decided to head there.

When we got there, the restaurant seemed rather quiet, given that it is normally a busy place..  But, when we pulled in, there was sign on the door thanking us for the 20 years of patronage.

Well OK.  I guess they are now closed.  I don’t know why, but they are closed none the less.  We went to La Cantina instead.  They were very busy.  Good food, good prices, Yes!!

Word Press Upgrade

My blog is put together with a program call Word Press. And, Word Press regularly has updates to their software.
Now, in the past, these updates had worked automatically. You just press the update button and it upgrades. No fuss, no muss.
However, a couple of years ago, they came out with an upgrade that was not automatic. This upgrade required you to manually delete certain files and replace them with new ones. Since I was not feeling adventurous and the old version worked just fine, I was reluctant to upgrade. But, as luck would have it, I was forced to upgrade this weekend because my web host was moving from PHP 4 to PHP 5, what ever that means.
When I check my web host to see if they had an automatic upgrade for my old version, I discovered that they did not. Rats!  This meant that I would have to upgrade by adding and deleting files.

If all worked according to plan, it should only take about 10 minutes to complete. But, since these things are never that simple and easy, I planned on using the entire weekend for the upgrade.
Having gone over the upgrade instructions several times during the past few weeks, I felt fairly comfortable with what I was about to do. But, since the instructions were written by someone who was thoroughly familiar with the process, I was concerned that things might not be quite so obvious to me.
So, I was elated to discover that sometime last week, my web host created an automatic upgrade for my old old version of Word Press. And, it worked! 5 minutes and the whole thing was complete. Yes!
I now have a whole weekend to my self. I guess it is back to working on the house.