Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery…??

The coffee pot at work relies on the honor system for payments.  Frustrated that people were not always paying for their coffee, the coffee “gnome” posted a sign reminding people that coffee is $0.30 per cup.  And, below that, he posted a sign that read “remember the 7th commandment!”

Well OK.  While I think that we all need to remember the 7th commandment, I think that he meant the 8th commandment, “Thou shalt not steal.”   The 7th is, “thou shalt not commit adultery.  But, given the office environment, I think that the 7th is also appropriate.

Exploding Toilets.

A woman in Washington DC was recently injured when the toilet she was using exploded.  The explosion was not caused by terrorists but by water pressure that was too high.

There is a toilet at work that is rather aggressive when ever you flush it.  I always figure that it is going to explode.   When ever I pull the lever, I always stand back just in case.

I wonder if these type of injuries are covered under “workman’s comp”?

Heated Bed!!!

When the weather turned cold the other night, I decided that it was time to try out my new heated mattress pad.  So, I turned it on and set it for 3 on a scale of 10 and crawled into bed.  The next thing that I knew, it was morning.  Wow!!   That was one fantastic sleep!

Rob Bell Leaves Mars Hill.

Rob Bell, the controversial pastor of the Mars Hill church in Grandville Michigan, is resigning.

Rob Bell made news recently when he published his controversial book,”Love Wins”, a few months back.  In his book, Rob proclaims that no one is going to hell.  This view, of course, fly’s in the face of many Christians around the world who believe that the Bible teaches other wise.

But, Rob felt so strongly about this view that he resigned his position at the Mars Hill church.   He now plans to spend his time promoting this view.

The news of his resignation created a flurry of inquires at the Mars Hill web site causing it to crash.

Time will tell as to how well Rob Bell and Mars Hill will do without each other.

Meijer Credit Cards.

In an effort to promote business, Meijer (regional grocery chain) offers a credit card.  Besides getting  $.05 a gallon off of gas,  they encourage users to buy their merchandise and charge it.  But, if you don’t pay off the balance at the end of the month, there is a 29.9% interest rate.  (Isn’t this called loan sharking?  Oh wait, it is below 30% so it doesn’t apply. )  And, if you are late on a payment by only 24 hours, they tack on an additional $40.oo late fee.  Nice.

I only us my card for gas and I always pay off my balance at the end of the month.  I certainly can’t afford to keep a running balance and I certainly can’t afford to be late. 

I wonder what poor people do?

Black Leather and Heels!!

A lawyer for the Attorney Generals’ office in New York has been suspended for her part time job.  The woman was a Dominatrix.

Now, the Attorney Generals office was not so concerned with the nature of her part time job.  They were more concerned with her failure to report it.  I guess there could be a conflict of interest between being a lawyer and a Dominatrix.

“Monas’ Bondage Emporium, Whip me, Jerk me, Beat me, Hurt me.”

Halt! Get Those Toes Out of Your Mouth!!

Arkansas police are on the look out for a man who is approaching women and asking if he can suck their toes.

Well OK.  Let me see if I understand this.  Unless toe sucking is illegal in Arkansas, the man has not committed a crime. And, since he is asking for permission first and respecting the answer, there is no personal violation.  So, what is Arkansas going to charge the man with?  Being kinky?

Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.

Bar Be Q for Mayor.

For a number of years, KT barbeque in Reading Ohio has had a well  endowed department store mannequin,named Bar Be Q, standing outside of  it’s restaurant.

But, a couple of years ago, city officials declared Bar Be Q to be indecent because she was only wearing a bikini.  The city demanded that the owners of KT needed to put a shirt on her. And after much haggling with the city, Bar Be Q now wears a dress suit.

Annoyed by all of the fuss over Bar Be Q, the owners of  KT decided that Bar Be Q should run for mayor.  Well, I guess it stands to reason.  When your city is run by dummy’s she should fit right in.

1 in 3,200!!!

Some space junk is about to impact the Earth.  But, the scientists have told us not to worry because there is only 1 chance in 3,200  that anyone will be hit by it.

1 in 3,200!!!  Those are not very good odds!  Not very good at all!  In fact, I may stay inside until that thing comes down.

I wonder if I am insured for  something like that?