A Buck at Meijer.

One of the Meijer (regional grocery chain) stores in Grand Rapids, had an unexpected visitor the other morning; an eight point buck.  Thats right, there was a large deer in a Meijer store.

The deer was quickly cornered and subdued by shoppers and staff.  It was then dragged out the back of the store and released.

I guess the produce section was too hard to resist.

Beware of Black Bears.

Black bears often seem rather docile and harmless.  They are not.  While they slowly amble along, they are really circling for an attack.  Then, when the bear is finally close enough, it will charge.  And, by that time, it is too late for you.  Beware of bear.

Black Bear Invasion.

A black bear was hit and killed by a car this week.  While car/bear accidents are rare, this is unique because it was in Grand Rapids.   In fact, the accident occurred next four colleges in town.

People have reported seeing bears in the area for years, but the sightings were dismissed as a mistake in identity.  Well, now, there is no mistake.

There is a reason that I carry a pistol with me when I am in the woods.

Muffin Assault.

A woman was recently arrested for domestic assault.   What did she do?  She pelted her husband with cup cakes.

While I find the incident rather humorous, the poor husband was fearing for his life.  And even though the police did not actually witness the event, the man had enough frosting spots on his clothing to validate the claim.

Do you think that maybe the woman has an anger issue?

Missed Again!

Well, today is Saturday and we all are still here.  The world did not come to an end.

I guess Rev.  Camping missed again.  But, if you make enough predictions, sooner or later you will get a correct one.

But if Rev. Camping got it wrong, maybe the Mayan’s got it right.  December 21, 2012 isn’t that far off.  And, if the media hypes it, it may be bigger that Y2K.  We will have to wait and see.

Maybe I should cash in my 401K.

World Ends Today. Details at 11.

Our favorite “end of the world” codger has predicted that the world will end on Friday.  After missing his last “end of the world” prediction a few months back, he has readjusted his calendar and determined it to really be this Friday.

Well, since the world is going to end on Friday, maybe I will sleep in on Friday morning.

The HSE Conference Centers Recycle Video!

I recently attended a training class at one of the State of Michigan’s conference centers.  The facility must have been into recycling because at the beginning of the class, we were shown a video on how to recycle at the conference center

The first thing that we learned was that water bottles that are to be discarded must have their caps removed.  The caps go into the waste basket and the bottles go into the bottle bin.  Then we learned that the Centers coffee cup can go into the recycle bin, but only after the lids and stirrers have been discarded.   Then we learned that white paper going into the white paper bin while colored paper goes into the colored paper bin.   Finally, we learned that all food containers that have been brought in from the outside must be thrown into the trash bin.

Apparently the audience was indifferent to the video as everyone just discarded cups and bottles in the trash and called it  good.