Hoda and KathyLee, AA Poster Girls?

I usually don’t watch TV in the morning during the week.  But, since I am on vacation this week, the morning TV news often running into Hoda and KathyLee.

Well, what can I say;  two well dressed women who spend the morning sitting around drinking.  I am sure they are an inspiration for all women with nothing to do.

Who knows, maybe in 10 years they will be doing AA ads.

Even Carson was more discrete about drinking on the set.

Liberal, The New Denomination.

Over the years, I have discovered that some women classify them selves as liberal Catholics.  And, some women classify themselves as liberal protestants.  But, in talking with the two, I can’t really tell the difference.  They may start out as a protestant or a Catholic, but ultimately, they end up as a liberal.


One of my favorite children’s movie is Labyrinth.  So, when my daughters wanted to watch Labyrinth as a family on Christmas Eve,  I was pleased that they had acquired a love for the movie.  However, my elation was soon deflated when they commented that they love seeing David Bowie in tight pants.

Well, I guess the movie appeals to all ages.

Ethnic Hair Care.

The other day, when I was in the health and beauty sections of Meijer (regional grocery chain), I noticed that they had an “ethnic hair care” section.

Since my ethnic background is Irish, I looked to see if they had any hair care products for Irishmen.  They didn’t.  Next, I checked to see if they had any ethnic hair care products for the Dutch.  Given the large Dutch ethnic background in west Michigan, I thought certainly they would have some Dutch hair care products but they had nothing for the Dutch either.

I like the ethnic food section”.  At least the “ethnics” are identified there.

Leaning Muffins.

My new oven has a convection setting.  In the convection mode, the oven temperature is lowered and the oven recirculates the air inside with a fan.  With this feature, you can bake cookies on all three racks and they all turn out the same.   So, it seemed like a natural for all sorts of baking.

But, as it turns out, convection bake does not work well with muffins.  While the muffins all turn our uniformly the same, they all lean.  This is presumably because the convection fan blows hot air over the rising muffins pushing them to one side.  The muffins are still good even though they are lopsided.

Remington ACPs.

While writers of murder mysteries may create some great stories, they don’t always get their facts straight.  For example, the other day I was listening to a book which listed the murder weapon as a Remington .45 ACP.

Now, I happen to own a Remington .45 but it is not an ACP.  ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol.  At the time that I purchased the Remington .45, I looked at the Colt .45 ACP.  But, since the Colt .45 ACP was more expensive than the identical Remington .45, I purchased the Remington .45 instead.

I guess I am too caught up in the details.  But, there is a $300 price difference between to two.

Story Book Guns.

I read a lot of mystery novels.  And, in every mystery novel, there is at least one hand gun if not more.  But, the authors don’t always get their facts straight.  For example, one author report the sound of a .22 pistol as “deafening”.  No, the sound of a .44 magnum is “deafening”.  The sound of a .22 is a loud “pop” and nothing more.

I have to wonder if the author has ever fired a .22 pistol.

Parking and Other Forms of Exercise.

When I worked at Calvin College, parking was a chronic problem.  Or more to the point, illegal parking was a chronic problem.

The worst area for violations was not the library but the field house.   And, it wasn’t from people running in to buy tickets for sports events, it was from people who were there to exercise.

I guess these people did not consider that the walk from the parking lot to the building is also a form of exercise.  Or, maybe they were going to exercise so hard that they would not be able to walk back to their car.

Maybe the field house people should provide valet service for their clients.  It would solve the parking problems and provide some additional revenue.