Wash In Cold Water And Prosper.

When ever I shop for sport shirts, I always read the tag on the shirt to find of what it is made of and if there is any special washing instructions.

Well, the other day, when I was shopping, not only did if find the washing instructions, I also that “only a few will achieve notoriety in their life.”

Well OK, do I achieve that “notoriety” by following the washing instructions?

Fat Boy.

I have found that when shopping for mens clothing, I should always check in the “fat boys” department.  Since fat boys can’t wear regular boy sizes, clothing stores often put mens clothing in the boys section under XXXL.  Of course, these XXXL sizes fit regular men.  They are just put there to accommodate, well, fat boys.

So, if I can’t find the right sizes in the clothing that I like, I check the “fat boys” section.  Chances are pretty good that they will have it.

After all, they are not fat, they are just boys in men’s bodies.

Grits! Who Eats Them?

Grits, who eats them anyway?  I don’t know anyone in the north who likes them so maybe it is a southern treat.  In fact, 40 years ago when I was in the army, they served us grits.  And even then, I only knew of a few people who ate them.

I guess if you put enough sugar and cinnamon on them, they might taste OK.  Of course, the same could be said for shredded news paper.

Breakfast At Cracker Barrel.

For the past few days, work has required me to be on the road early in the morning.  Because of this, I end up eating breakfast on the road.

Since my travels took me to an area where there are several restaurants that serve breakfast, I has a good selection.  My first selection was Cracker Barrel.

Now, while I have eaten lunch several times at Cracker Barrel, I have never eaten breakfast there.  So, this was a first.

I walked through there ample gift shop and waited to be seated.  Within moments, the hostess seated me and gave me a menu.  Great!!! I was hungry.  I envisioned ham and eggs with whole wheat toast.  Or maybe sausage and eggs with whole wheat toast.

But, when I opened the menu, I saw ham and eggs with biscuits and gravy and grits or sausage and eggs with biscuits and gravy and grits.  No toast, only biscuits and gravy and grits.

Careful thought was required.  Did I want ham and eggs with biscuit and gravy and grits or sausage and eggs with biscuit and gravy and grits or ham and eggs with biscuits and gravy and grits?

Since my waitress seemed to hoover by about every minute, I gave up looking at the menu and ordered.  Two eggs and sausage which came with biscuits and gravy and grits. Toast was not an option.

When my order arrived, it came on two plates and a bowl;  A plate for the eggs and sausage, a plate for the biscuits and gravy and a bowl for the grits.

The eggs were very small and the sausage tasted sweet like it had maple syrup on it.  I tried  dipping my biscuit in my eggs but the biscuit just disintegrated.  Rats!  The grits were, well, grits.  No surprises there.

There were two packets of jelly for the two biscuits.  This was barely enough to cover the saltiness of the biscuits.and nothing more.

With 8 dollars for the meal and another 2 dollars for the coffee, I can understand why everyone else goes to Mickey Ds.  But, if you like biscuits and gravy and grits, Cracker Barrel is your place to be.  Besides, you can always visit their gift shop.

Michigan State Looses.

I took Friday off from work and I am glad that I did because Michigan State lost in the NCAA basketball tournaments.

Now, I don’t follow sports per se, but there are a lot of avid Spartan fans in my office and they take their games very seriously.  So, if past losses are any predictor of the future, I imagine that Friday was a pretty glum day in the office.

While I understand that nobody likes to loose, loosing is a risk that every team takes each time that they play.  So, I am sorry that you lost, now get over it.

The Two Mile Train.

A woman recently set the worlds record for the longest bridal train.  It was two miles long.

Now, I can appreciate a bride wanting to have something special on that special day.  But a two mile train is not only impractical, it is down right dysfunctional.  Where do you put a two mile train?  And where do you get married with a two mile train?

But more to the point, what is it going to be like being married to such a woman?


Well, I guess it is spring.  The Peepers (tree toad) are out.  And, as a first, I had one in my house.

It was only the size of a quarter, but it could jump.  It was captured and returned to the outside.

The cats will never be the same.

Robbed Again At Meijer!

It seems that about every other time that I use the “self scanners” at Meijer (regional grocery chain) it cheats me.  Either it is a coin that doesn’t register or it short  changes me.

Today, it stole a dime.  I put in the dime but it didn’t register.  When I pushed the coin return, it didn’t return.  It just vanished into the machine.

Some times, if I am really annoyed by the machines, I will protest.  Other times, if the amount is small, I will just let it pass.

These machine must be real money makers since the overhead is lower and they can bilk money from their customers.  And, I have never been given too much change.  That always seems to work right.

So, it is a “win win” for Meijer.  The best that the customer can hope for is to come out “even” in the transaction.

1897 Indian Head Penny!

The other day, I was using the “self scannners” at Home Depot.  When I cashed out, I was expecting to get two dimes back in change.  Instead, I received a dime and a penny.

As I picked up the penny, I noticed that it looked rather strange.  So, when I looked closer, I realized that it was a 1897 Indian Head penny!  WOW!

First of all, I was surprised to get a penny instead of a dime.  But, secondly, I was surprised to see an Indian Head penny still in circulation.

I had to wonder how in got into the change machine and how it had escaped the eyes of so many people. Well, I don’t care about being short changed this time.  The penny is much more interesting.