Lamprey Pie.

In celebration of the Queen of Englands 60th inauguration anniversary, the residents of Gloucester are baking her a Lamprey Eel pie.  This tradition has been going on since the middle ages and the residents of Gloucester are determine to continue with it.

Considered to be a delicacy in England, Lampreys are an endangered species in England.  So they asked the US for some Great Lakes Lampreys.  Since Michigan considers Lampreys to be an invasive species, they were more than happy to supply to them.

I just don’t know if making a pie out of blood suckers is a slam against the Queen or a comment on the state of British cuisine?


Time For A Change.

During my 23 year commute to Lansing and back, I have seen drivers do some pretty strange things.  Brushing teeth, applying makeup, reading, all while driving their car on the expressway.

But, just when I thought that I had seen it all, a woman, driving the car beside me, was changing the diaper on the infant in the front passenger seat

Now, this is not a desolate stretch road.  There are many exits where this woman could have stopped and changed the diaper.  But, she chose to do it while driving.

Oh well, at least she made it.

Coffee Flavored Coffee Creamers.

The other day, I was shopping for a coffee creamer and I ran across a wide variety of flavors including coffee.

I must admit, coffee flavored coffee creamers took me by surprise.  After all, I wasn’t sure what a coffee flavored coffee creamer would taste like.

Or more to the point, why would you use a coffee flavored coffee creamer?  Usually, when people add cream to their coffee, it is to smooth out the harsh flavor of the coffee and improve the taste.

So, if your coffee is so bad that you need a coffee flavored coffee creamer to it to give your coffee a smoother coffee flavored taste, then maybe you should be changing out your coffee in the first place.

Maybe they will come up with hot chocolate flavored coffee creamer.  Oh wait!  They already have that.

Coffee Creamers.

While I drink my coffee black, my kids and some of my friends prefer cream in their coffee.  So, rather than buying “half and half”, I decided to buy a coffee creamer.  But, when I got to the cooler case, there were 3 whole floor to ceiling racks of creamers.

They had vanilla, french vanilla, smooth vanilla (what ever that is), butter scotch, caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate cream, hazel nut, haze nut cream, mint, pistachio, cinnamon, nutmeg, cherry, wild cherry, dark cherry, almond, almond cream coffee, coffee mocha and the list goes on.

I just wanted some plain old coffee creamer.  I finally just gave up and settled on some “half and half”.

1-800 CALL…..

I recently saw a full sized billboard ad that read 1-800 CALL….  Now, I don’t know what the billboard was advertising because the ad didn’t say.  And, I can’t call the 800 number because there was not a complete number on the bill board.  But, at least the bill board  company is making money off of the ad.

Quaker Steak.

There is a new restaurant in Grand Rapids called Quaker Steak.  It has the same colors as Quaker State Oil so I thought it was an oil change place.  Plus, it was right next to an oil change place.

I wonder how many other people have made the same mistake?

Bad idea!!

Special Edition.

I was out of bar soap, so I went to Meijer (regional grocery chain) to purchase some more.  Since I am not big on all of the varieties of soap, I always purchase Ivory in the 10 pack.  It is cheap and meets my needs.

Well, today, when I went to purchase my Ivory, I discovered that I had a choice between the regular and the special edition Ivory.

Special edition?? What is so special about the “special edition”?  I looked over the package but could not surmise what the special edition was all about.  Since it was the same price as the regular edition, I decided to purchase it.

Now, I am waiting for my old “regular edition” soap to run out so that I can start using my “special edition” soap.  The suspense is killing me.

Wild Boer Hotline or Hog Holler.

The State has passed a new law banishing Farrel pigs.  While it has always been legal to shoot wild pigs, a new state law prohibits any one from raising them.

The State is concerned that the wild Boer population will get out of control if some of these “hybrids” should escape.  So, in an effort to protect farmers and the population as a whole, raising these pig is now illegal.

Unfortunately, some people disagree with the law and are calling the governor’s office to complain.  So, the governor’s office had to set up a special “hotline” for just such calls.

I suspect that this is going to be short lived.  By this time next week, I am sure that there will be some other issue to deal with.


No Smoking Allowed.

A woman at the Denver airport was told by authorities that she was smoking in a non-smoking area.  It seems that someone had complained so she was told to put it out.

After the authorities left, the woman decided to remove all of her clothes.  She was eventually arrested but not until she has sat there nude for some period of time.

A guess people were more offended by her smoking.