No Shows!

How long do you wait for a date to show up?  The other day, I was going to meet a first date for dinner.  15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time and no date, I started to worry that she might be a no show.  So, I started reviewing the menu in earnest.

When a half hour had passed I went ahead and ordered.  I figured that everyone can be running a little but after a half hour, I have to assume that something major has happened.

It was a bit awkward eating by myself, but I am a big boy and can deal with it.

No Trans-Fats Used.

I recently ate lunch at a new restaurant in an artsy neighborhood.  The restaurant featured barbequed beef, pork and chicken.  And, to appease the health conscious, a large sign announced that they did not use any trans-fats.   Instead, the sign said that all of their food was cooked in pig fat.  The sign then went on to extoll all of the virtues of pig fat.  And, it sounded so healthy that I almost picked up a can of lard to eat on the way back to the office.

Maybe I will pick of a bag of fried pork rinds for a snack.

Low Pressure High Pressure Front.

It has been pouring rain here all afternoon with thunder and lightening.  And, that is good because we really need the rain.  But, all four of my barometers show “sunny” with no rain in sight.   Even my one barometer which has barometric reads on it shows a raising barometric pressure.

I guess we are having a low pressure high pressure front.  Or is it a high pressure low pressure front?  Either way, I am happy to see the rain.

Thank You Cards.

Thank you cards seem to be quite popular these days as I get them from just about everyone that I do business.  Every time that I renew my insurance, I get a card from my agent.  The same with my vet.  But, I was a little surprised to get a card after my recent endoscopy.  I was speechless, butt what ever.

Severe Weather Shelters.

In the event of severe weather at work, we are told to move to the severe weather shelter in the underground parking ramp.  The entire area is designated as the “severe” weather shelter but I suppose it could also be used as a pleasant weather shelter.

Single And Alone.

I recently dated a woman who lost her husband 11 years ago at a fairly young age and she was just starting to date.

Now, it is not uncommon for women to wait until their children are out of the house before they start dating again.  So, I asked her about her children.  When she said that she didn’t have any, I was surprised.

So, she has spent that last 11 years living alone.  It made me wonder what her marriage was like.

Movie Theaters Are Free Kill Zones.

In the light of the recent movie theater massacre by a crazed gun man, many people are wondering why no one stood up against the shooter?  Well, that is simple.  Liberals have made it illegal for anyone to carry a gun into a movie theater.

That’s right, law abiding citizens, who have met all of the back ground gun checks, are prohibited from carrying a gun into a movie theater, a school or a college campus.   And, because the law prohibits guns in these locations, crazed shooters, who attack them, know that they will not meet any armed resistance from the occupants.  So, these locations are “free kill zones”.

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, they were all “free kill zones”.  The shooters never met any armed resistance from their victims.  Maybe it is time that we start letting the innocent citizens of this country protect themselves.


I keep seeing adds for Charter in my area.  The ads promise high speed internet, TV and Phone at very low prices.  But, it isn’t offered in my area and I haven’t found any place where it is offered.

I guess it is like Sonic Drive-ins.  You see the ads but you can never buy the product.

Making Jello!

How hard can it be to make JellO?  Well, apparently harder than I had imagined.  I followed the directions but it isn’t working!  Either that or there in a new life form in the center of the bowl.

Risotto is so much easier .