Vote No On Proposition 6.

Canada wants to build a new bridge from Windsor to Detroit.  But, the billionaire owner of the existing bridge is so opposed to it that he has spent over 31 million dollars of his own money on ads against the new bridge.

Not only is he campaigning against the new bridge, he has put a proposal on the ballot to block it from being built.

Why the campaign against the new bridge?  It is simple.  He makes about 100 million dollars a year off of the existing bridge and doesn’t want to loose that money.

So, this guy would cripple our economy for the sake of his own greed.  What a citizen!

Vote NO on proposal 6.  We need to build the new bridge and end the monopoly.

The Super Crappy Car Wash.

Since I was tired of getting a crappy car wash at the Lowell crappy car wash, I decided to try the other automatic car wash.

The other car wash is a “touchless” wash which relies strictly on water pressure to wash your car.  I pulled up to one of the wash bays, inserted my money and selected the basic car wash.  And, when instructed to, I pulled my car into the wash bay and waited for the wash to start.  The first thing that it did was to cover my entire car in soap, twice.  Then, it rinsed my car twice and told to please exit.

What!!??  That wash took less than a minute.   And, I wouldn’t have minded the quick wash if it had actually washed my car but it didn’t.  In fact, I had to run my windshield wipers just to get my windshield clean.   It is “touchless” alright as it didn’t seem to touch the dirt on my car.

Unlike the super crappy car wash, at least the crappy car wash took off most of the dirt.  I will just have to make a point of going into Grand Rapids from now on.


The One Pound Container.

The other day I purchased a package of chicken breasts at Meijer (regional grocery chain).  There were six breasts in the package and I needed 4 so I froze the other two.

But, when I opened the package, it was filled to the rim with water.  OK, since these were skinless breasts, I assumed the water helped keep them fresh.

However, when I went to dispose of the Styrofoam tray that the breasts came in, I noticed that it was rather heavy, so I weighed it.  It was almost a pound.

WOW!!  Since I paid an extra $4 for the package and the water, I felt like I should make soup out of it or something.  I guess next time I will buy two whole chickens and freeze the parts that I don’t use.

The Hard Tail.

Some one down the road from us has a “hard tail” for sale. For those of you who don’t know what a hard tail is, it is an old time motorcycle that has no suspension system, such as shock absorbers. Instead, it relies on springs in the seat of the motorcycle.  And while he has upgraded the front of the motorcycle with a modern suspension system, the back end remains, well, hard.

Unless he is asking a really cheap price, I suspect it will not sell quickly.

In Memory of….

While traveling through Ohio, we stopped at a rest area along the interstate.  Next to the building was a  memorial to those who had died while trying to build the interstate.  There were over a hundred names on the marker.

I guess the road was built before OSHA.


I am always looking for bathrobes.  I want a robe that is warm and comfortable and not hot and bulky.  I have a velor robe that is warm but it weighs a ton.  I also have a polyester robe that you can sweat to death in while wearing.  And, I have a short terry cloth robe that is great for summer and a short silk robe that is good all year long.

But what I really need is a robe that is warm without being hot, and comfortable with out being bulky.  Well, I found such a robe at Meijer (regional grocery chain).  I looks  and feels like your traditional grey hoody sweat shirt except that it is knee length and wraps like a robe.

It is so fantastic that I bought a second one just in case the first is in the wash.

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!

Must Be House Broke.

“Must be house broke” is what one woman wrote for her dating requirements.    By that, she wants a man who will put the seat down when he is through using the toilet.

Well, at least she is not worried about whether the paper hangs next to the wall or away from the wall.

I passed on her.


The Lost Has Been Found!

I lost 20 pounds in two month after Kathy died.  And, because of this, all of my rings became very loose on my fingers.  Unfortunately, I lost my pinky ring.

I was really bummed about it because I really liked that ring.  I was sure that it must have dropped off in the house some where but where?  And my worst fear was that it had fallen off at work and was now some one else s prized possession.   But just tonight, as I was looking for something in my pantry, I found the ring in with the gravy mixes.

I was elated!  The ring had been missing for almost two years.  The lost has been found.


Last Saturday, I went to South Bend.  Unfortunately, it was a home game so the toll road was backed up with people needing to pay their tolls.  But, when I finally got to a place where I had access to the toll lanes, I realized that the 3 I-Pass booths were wide open while the cash lanes had about a hundred people waiting.  So, with my I-Pass neatly mounted on my windshield, I proceeded through in a matter of seconds.

Now, I-Pass has been around for a few year.  And since most of the people waiting in line were from Indiana and Illinois, I would have though that an I-Pass would have been essential to any sort of travel in the area.

I guess these people must like waiting in line.  Maybe it is a football tradition.

The End Of Date Night.

Back when we were first married, Saturday night was “date night”.  And while we couldn’t afford to go out, we could afford to purchase a steak and rent a video.  And so we did.  And, for over 30 years, we carried on this tradition every Saturday night.  And, when we  got older and the kids were on their own, we still held Saturday night as date night.  This was our weekly affirmation of our love and commitment for each other.

And, now that Kathy has passed, I have tried to carry on this tradition.  Only now, it is in remembrance of what once was.

But, I have found that the steak no longer tastes good.  And, no matter how hard I try, I can only eat a couple of bites and then I just throw the rest away.

I guess that I will turn Saturday night into soup night, at least it will be cheaper.