Cleaning My Glasses.

My glasses get dirty quite easily, so I must clean them daily.  At work, this resulted in a morning trip to the restroom for some soap and water.  But, now that flu season has arrived, they have electric hand sanitizer that give me a shot of high alcohol disinfectant.  It works great for cleaning my glasses.  Not only does it clean them, it also sanitizes them.

Where Have You Been For The Past 50 Years?

A new sexual scandal has hit the armed services.  It is not rape or adultery, it is girly pictures.  That right, the military has discovered the young men enjoy looking at pictures of young women wearing, well, nothing.  The military is so concerned that they have even confiscate shot glasses featuring pictures of bikini clad young women.

Where have these leaders been for the past 50 years?

80 Pounds Of Bird Seed.

The other day I was in Meijer (regional grocery chain) and noticed that they had 40 pound bags of Sunflower seeds on sale for $20.  Since this was a good deal, I picked up a bag.  But, before I got to the check out, I decided to buy two.  This should keep the birds fed for the winter I suspect.


Cleaning My Oven.

Last night, the outside temperature was going down into the single digits or lower.  So, I decided that it was a good night to clean my oven.

Now, I was not going to clean it by hand.   Instead, I was going to kick on the self cleaning.  And, with the outside temperature being as low as it was, the house could use the extra heat.

Cleaning the oven was appreciated by both myself and my cats.  And, when I got up in the morning, the kitchen was still warm.

Stale Tortillas.

The other day, I decided to make enchiladas for supper.  And, amongst the list of ingredients that I needed was tortillas.   So, I picked up a package of fresh tortillas at Meijer (regional grocery chain).

But, when I started making the enchiladas, I had a terrible struggle with the tortillas.  They were constantly breaking and seemed to be quite stale.  That is when I looked at the package: “sell by Dec 6”.

Well, that explains that.  My bad.  Next time I will be sure to check the date.

Cooking With Lard!

Recently, I ate at a restaurant who proudly announced that they only cooked with lard.  Well, OK!

Times have changed.  Lard was once considered to be the bane of food preparation.  Now, it is the blessing.  And so the pendulum swings.