Pizza Bin.

While shopping for a new refrigerator the other day, one of the latest features being touted is a special pizza storage bin in the freezer section.  This bin is designed to hold your frozen pizza vertically instead of horizontally thus saving space and making is easier to access.

However, while I realize that the pizza is frozen, some of the pizza topping is going to end up in the bottom of the box.  But, I suppose you can always dump the loose contents back on top of the pizza just before it going into the oven.

Deep doo doo.

Lansing has been redoing its sewer system.Because of this, they have been replacing some of their streets.

One street in particular, was made of concrete so when it came time to be replaced, the city replaced it with concrete.

Well, right after they poured the new concrete, some one drove around the barriers and on to the wet concrete.Needless to say, they didn’t get very far.  When I drove by, the car was buried up to its doors.

I guess it pays to read the signs.

Cat Food.

A few years ago, I found some cat food that my kitties really liked and it was good for them.  It came in a purple bag and was only sold at pet stores.  So, when my supply got low, it headed for my local pet store to buy some more “purple bag” cat food.

Well, when I got to the pet store, I discovered that the cat food maker had changed all of their bag designs.  And, the cat food that I had always purchased was now in a different colored bag.  Of course, I  didn’t actually know what it was called since I always just  purchased the purple bags.  So, I couldn’t purchase any cat food.

Fortunately, I still had an empty bag to use for reference.  So, I will return to the store with the empty bag and try to find the new color for the cat food.  Bother!!!

My New Frig.

Since I had considered the possibility that my old refrigerator might be beyond repair, I checked into the cost of a new one.  Amazingly, the new side by sides were the same price as what I paid for my old side by side 10 years ago.  Plus, they now had an Energy Star rating and were 10 times more efficient than my old one.  Great!!

But then, someone said that I should purchase one with the freezer on the bottom as that is the latest rage.  Well, they must be the latest rage because they were twice the price of the side by sides.  I guess they wanted to get rid of the side by sides to make room for the new rage ones with the freezer on the bottom.  Regardless, I got a great deal on a side by side.


Something Smells Bad!!

The other Sunday, I was grilling ribs when I noted that something smelled really really bad in my kitchen.  It smelled like melted plastic and there was a haze in the air around the ceiling.

I knew that something was wrong but I didn’t know what.  Since the smell was confined to the kitchen area, I assumed that it was one of my appliances but I couldn’t tell which one.

Well, when I got home from work the next day, I discovered that my frig had quit working.  So, I hauled all of my food into the garage and called the service man.

The next day, when he arrived, we both tried to be optimistic.  Perhaps it was only a $30 part.  And, it was a $30 part that had gone bad.  Unfortunately, that $30 part damaged the $800 compressor so the frig was a total (7)

A Troll In Winter.

Lowell has a troll.  Like all good trolls, it sits in the river next to the bridge.  I have tried to take pictures of it in the past but the lighting was never right so you couldn’t really see it.  But, with the river frozen over and some snow on it, the troll is a little easier to

The New Plotter.

My office just purchased a new printer/plotter.  It can take a sheet of paper that is 4 foot wide.  It is not hooked up yet because we don’t have any place to put it.  Of course, we already have a printer/plotter but is not hooked up yet either because we don’t know where to put it.

Maybe they can put the printer/plotters next to the electronic white boards that we don’t use because no one knows how to use it.

Technology, where would we be with out it.