Coffee, Tea, Or Me.

When I first started dating, I made a mental note of items that she liked to drink such as beer brands, Coke/Pepsi, favorite wines, etc.  Then, I would make a point in stocking them.   However, after several girlfriends, I now have a stock of beverages that I don’t drink.  And, the best that I can hope for is that someone else likes them.

Going forward, I no longer make a point of stocking items that I don’t drink unless otherwise requested.

Arby’s Reuben.

Arby’s is now carrying a Reuben sandwich on its menu selection.  And while I love a good Reuben, I had my doubts.  It would either be very very good or very very bad.  But, I took a chance anyway.  And, to my amazement, it was excellent.  I now have a new lunch time favorite.  Score one for Arby’s.

The Cold Banana.

An article in the May issue of Readers Digest suggested storing ripe bananas in the refrigerator as this would keep them from getting overly ripe.

And, since I buy bananas buy the bunch, they tend to ripen by the bunch.  One day they are crunchy and the next they are mush.  So, I decided to give it a try.

So far, it seems to be working.  And even though the bananas turn brown, the texture seems to be maintained.  The only other draw back that I can see is that they cold when I eat them.  While, this is not a major drawback, it is rather unusual.

Lost And Found.

Every time that my family pays a visit, I find an assortment of items which have been left behind.  And, since I am not sure who left them behind, I never know who to approach about them.  In fact, some of these items have been kicking around for a couple of years.

Well, from now on, whenever I find anything that doesn’t belong to me, it is going into a lost and found box.  And, anything not claimed after a year will either be donated or thrown out.

The Sandal.

While cleaning under the bed in one of my guest rooms, I discovered a lone sandal.  This surprised me as none of my family members have ever mentioned losing a sandal.

I mean, if you had two sandals when you arrived, it would seen natural to leave with two sandals.  Or, at least, if you noticed that you only had one sandal, maybe you should inquire about the other sandal.  But, who knows, maybe the sandal is a runaway who is hiding in my house.

Manatee Gray.

For regular dress sizes, Target was advertizing one of the colors as “Dark Heather”.  But, in the plus sizes, the color was called “Manatee Gray”.  Needless to say, some women were very offended.