The Pajama Buy; Younkers.

Quy, my co-worker, approached me today and asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her at lunch time.  She had two “$50 off” coupons for Younkers that were going to expire on Saturday and wanted to use them.  Since I was looking for pajamas and since I had not yet checked Younkers, I said “yes!”

Now, pajama sets are not really popular right now, so, about the only manufacturer that I like that makes them is Nautica.  And, while many stores carry that brand, most stores have a very limited selection.  So, I was impressed that Younkers carried a good selection.  And so, I found a matching top, bottom and robe that fit.  YES!!

But, when I went to the check out and presented my $50 off coupon, the clerk announced that the coupon was not good for Nautica sleep wear.  He asked  if I still wanted the sleep wear and I told him that I did.  After all, this was the only store that carried the sleep wear that I wanted in the size that I needed.

I should be good until winter.

A Slab Of Wood.

photo-1 (4)

The other day, when  I was in a furniture store, I noticed that they had finished slabs of wood for sale.  There were Oak, Walnut, Pine and Mahogany slabs and each was selling for several thousand dollars.   Since they still had the bark attached, they took on a rustic appearance.

I wondered what they were used for and concluded that maybe they were used for custom counter tops.   Given the price tag, they were much more expensive than granite.  But, they were  definitely different so I guess they were worth the money.

My Food Is Holier Than Yours.

The other morning for breakfast, I had bacon, eggs, a cherry turnover, milk, OJ and coffee.  My girlfriend had Greek yoghourt with granola, fruit and coffee.

She glared at my bacon.  I glared at her yoghourt.  It was healthy vs tasty.

I was full for the morning.  Two hours later, she had a scone.

Well, OK.

Super Super Size It!

Many fast food restaurants give you the option to Super Size your meal.  Beside an extra large soft drink, the super sized meal also includes a large order of french fries.

But not to be out done, the cafeteria in my building sells their french fries by the pound.  I guess it is the Super Super sized order for the Super Super sized person.  Sad.

The Morgan.

photo (14)

I ran across this car the other day when I was walking in the parking ramp at work.  It is a Morgan, which is made in England.

It is a three wheel, rear end drive vehicle with no top and no heater.  The engine is similar to that of a motorcycle.  And, the amenities are basic at best.

At first, I thought it was an economy car and considered purchasing one.   But when I found out that it sells for over $40,000, I decided otherwise.

If I had $40,000 to spend on a sports car, there are other cars that I would rather own.


Meijer, Our Community Leader!!

This morning on the news, they announced that gas prices would be  jumping to 3.99 a gallon today.  So, if we could find it cheaper, we should fill up.  Well, since I found gas for 3.72, I filled up.

A few hour later, I noted that Meijer was selling their gas for 3.99.  Unfortunately, all of the other stations in Lowell were selling their gas for 3.84.  Didn’t the other stations get the word that gas was going to jump to 3.99?

As of tonight, all of the stations, including Meijer, are now selling their gas for 3.84.  But, we are grateful to Meijer for announcing the potential gas hike.

Meijer, our community leader in raising gas prices!

Defective Tax Program.

While I like filing my taxes on line, my tax programs vary from year to year.  So, I was a little concerned when this years tax program told me that I had until April 17, 2012 to file.

Well OK.  I guess I should have filed for an extension last year for this years taxes.  I wonder if I should file an extension this year for next years taxes?