The Fireplace Store Is Open?

I drove past the fireplace shop today.  There was a neon sign in the window saying “open”.  Of course, there was no other signs of life in the place and certainly nothing to make me want to stop and go inside.

Since there is no grand opening or even an announcement of business, I guess they are going to rely on word of mouth.

I’ve Been Working On The Railroad.

At 3 AM the other morning when I should have been sleeping, I was pondering “I’ve been working on the railroad” that old folk song that we all grew up with.

Who was Dinah?  What kind of a horn was she/he/it blowing?  Who was playing the banjo?  And why were they in the kitchen?

I really need to focus more on sleep.

The AC Is Now On!

Since I live in a woods, I can usually wait until June to turn on my AC.  But, do to global warming, this has been another cold spring.  But, yesterday, the temps jumped from the 60’s to the 90’s so, I closed all of the windows and turned on the AC.

In doing so, I saw an immediate 10% drop in the RH, which is good.  Since the humidity is the real comfort indicator in Michigan, it makes the house feel very comfortable.  Once the RH drop another 5%, the house will start cooling down.

Then, in another 3 months, I will have to turn the furnace back on.

This global warming is killing me!!

The Fireplace Shop.

Lowell is getting a new fireplace store.  Not only is this a new store, they are also putting up a new building just for the store.

Construction for this store has been going on all winter.  And, while the new building appears to be completed, nothing seems to be happening within.  By that, I mean that there doesn’t seem to be any fire places or activity and there certainly hasn’t been any announcements of a grand opening.

Stay tuned.

The Old Burger King Building.

A few weeks after Burger King closed, at “Sale Pending” sign appeared.  Great!!  Maybe a Wendy’s is coming or, dare I even hope, a KFC.  So, for months, we all waited in suspense.  But, it was recently announced that a Dollar “what ever” is coming instead.

Bah!!!  We already have one and maybe two dollar stores.  We used to have two but I don’t know if the second one is still in business. Regardless, no KFC!!!  But who knows, we may get a KFC yet.

The Home Depot Weed Whacker.

The other day, I needed a new cordless drill, so I bought one at Home Depot.  It came with two lithium ion batteries and a charger.  Plus, the batteries can be used in over 50 other devices.  So, when I discovered that my battery operated weed whacker had died, I decided to buy a weed whacker that would use my new lithium ion batteries.

When I went to Home Depot, I found a whole bunch of weed whackers but they all came with batteries and a charger.  According to my on line research, I should be able to buy the weed whacker without the batteries and charger for half the price of the whacker with the batteries and charger.  But, when I failed to find it in the stores, I decided to order it on line.

So far, no progress on the order.  Stay tuned.

Arby’s To Broaster To Closed.

We used to have an Arby’s near where I worked.  And, it seemed to do a pretty good business.  But, one day, it got converted to a chicken joint.  And, while I love KFC chicken, I never got around to trying out broasted chicken.

The other day when I drove by it, it was closed.  I guess the chicken didn’t pan out.   Oh well.

Surprise Guest!

Another group of musicians from church were also performing at Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids.  And during their performance, a woman jumped up on the stage in a belly dancing costume, and started dancing to the music.

Well, better them than us.

Belly Dancing.

One of the performances at the Festival of the Arts was belly dancing.  Since I had never seen belly dancing, I decided to check it out.

I had expected to see a group of Barbara Eden types.  But, instead, I saw a bunch of middle aged women with, well, bellies!

And, while they were good, those muffin tops just spoiled the dance.