JC Penny Sales.

The news media is now focusing on JC Penny’s and their sales.  It seems that some sale items are marked down to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.   This means that the presales price was actually above the manufactures suggested retail price.

Now, note the word “suggested” in suggested retail price.  This means that the retailer is not required to sell at that price, rather, it is the “suggested” retail price.  So, if Penny’s decides to sell an item at above the suggested retail price, that is their choice.  And, if Penny’s decides to have a sale where they drop their price, that too is their choice.  I believe the term is “free enterprise”.


Waterbeds For Cows.

A contented cow gives more milk.  This is a fact that has long been known in the farming industry.  And, a well rested cow is a contented cow.  So, one enterprising individual has developed a waterbed for cows.

It seems that the waterbeds are softer to lay on than straw on concrete and provides better support.  And, because the cows are more comfortable, they give more milk.

Of course, whether this is true remains to be seen.  About 30 years ago, some farmer were claiming that putting large magnets on your gas line gave you better gas mileage.

iPhone 5; Gas Buddy.

Gas Buddy is an iPhone App. that will show me the current gas prices for anywhere in the USA and Canada.  This means that if I am traveling down the road, I can check on the gas prices in the area and find the cheapest.

From my prospective, Gas Buddy tells me whether gas is cheaper in Lansing or Lowell or Grand Rapids.  So, when I am getting ready to head home and need to buy gas, it is nice to know whether I should buy it in Lansing or Lowell.