Big Bird.

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The other day when I was in the garden section at Meijer (regional grocery chain), I found this metal lawn sculpture on sale.  Since I was in need of some outside art, I decided to purchase it.  And given that it is over 4 feet tall, it might keep the deer out of my garden.

Drunk Driving? No Problem.

The Federal government wants to lower the blood alcohol level for drunk driving as they feel that this will make the roads safer.

Unfortunately, the drunk drivers who cause accidents have a blood alcohol level much higher than the present standards.  And, many of the drunks who cause accidents have already lost their drivers licenses.  So, we don’t need stricter laws, we need better enforcement of the existing laws.

Rustic Or Rusty?

I am amazed at the number of people who have old farm equipment on display in their yards.  They apparently feel that this equipment gives their yard a certain flair.

Unfortunately that “flair” is totally lost on me.  I put it in the same category as having a 78 Chevy sitting there with the hood open.

Women’s Deodorant.

The other day, I went to Meijer (regional grocery chain) to purchase some deodorant.  Since I am not fond of shopping for personal hygiene products, I tend to buy the same brand each time I shop.   Not only do I buy the same brand, I tend to look for the same packaging.

So, I was some what confused when I found my usual deodorant brand but in a different colored package.  And I was shocked at the price.  A two pack was $7.00!  Wow.  But, as I scanned the shelves, I found my usual deodorant in the usual two pack for only $3.00.

So, I wondered, what was the difference?  Upon closer examination I discovered that the $7.00 pack was Women’s deodorant.  But why the price difference?  Did the womens contained more deodorant.  No, it actually contained less deodorant.  Was it better?  I don’t know.

While there may be subtle differences between the two deodorants, I suspect that the real difference had more to do with what the two genders are willing to pay for protection.


Lunch With A Retired Co-worker: Part 4.

At one point during lunch, my co-worked announced that she was glad that she had retired.  I reaffirmed that by saying that I too was glad that had she retired.  And I said that with all honesty.

When she retired, the tension level in the office dropped dramatically!!  People were no longer at each others throats.  We actually all got along.  The office became very civil and professional since we were no longer afraid of the “Wicked Witch of the West”!!

I am sorry, but I hope I never see this person again!   Lunch only reminded me of what a horrible person she is.  And, it may take me awhile to recover from our meeting!


Lunch With A Retired Co-Worker: Part 3

During lunch, she began complaining about my former co-workers, and I began to remembering why I hadn’t missed her.

She was a horrible person to work with.  And I had to kiss her butt daily in order to avoid the wrath of her self righteousness.  And, if I didn’t, she would complain about me to my manager.  So, rather than confront her, I played the peace keeper and hoped that she would just leave me alone.

When she announced that she was retiring, she told me that I would miss her.  And she was right.  I missed her about as much as I missed a boil on my butt.   In short, I rejoiced when she retired.

Lunch With A Retired Co-worker. Part 2.

While eating lunch, I mentioned that I had run into another former co-worker of ours a few days earlier.  She commented that the former co-worker and her had been best of friends until the co-worker “threw her under the bus”.  That is when I remembered what a horrible person she had been to other people.

She was constantly complaining about everyone in the office.  Things like when they arrived in the morning, when they got back from lunch, when they left for the day… all things that did not effect her and that were not her concern.

But, every time that something like that happened, she ran into the bosses office and complained.  In short, she was the office tattle tale.

Eventually, people complained about her behavior including her best friends.  So, she lost a lot of friends and couldn’t understand why.

And while she complained about being “thrown under the bus” by her friends, in reality, her friends got tired of being “thrown under the bus” by her.