According to a CNN poll, the budget problem is entirely the fault of the GOP.  Well, there is a totally unbiased appraisal of the situation.  NOT!!!!

CNN = Communist News Network!!!   Those dirty commies are trying their best to overthrow the US.

Artprize; The River Event.

DSC_0067Every year, Artprize (regional art competition) has an entry that stands out from the rest.  And, every year, there are a couple of entries that utilize the river.  Well this year, the river entry is spectacular.  At least, I think so.  It is full of multicolored flags, too many for this photo.


AT&T Online Chat.

I recently received an email from AT&T advising me of the monthly electronic transfer from my checking account to pay for my phone bill.  Since it was $4 higher than usual, I decided to check my bill.

Now, I don’t actually receive a paper bill.  All I receive is an email from AT&T advising me that they are removing money from my checking account.  If I want to see the actual bill, I have to log into my account.

When I tried to log into my account, I discovered that I could not remember my login and password.  But, not to worry, a chat box appeared to help me with my problem.

When I told them that I could not remember my login and password, they asked what the name was on the account.  I told them that I didn’t know as I could not access my account.  And if I could access my account, then I wouldn’t be needing their help.  I asked for a supervisor.

I suspect that I will be terminating my AT&T service very shortly.

Head Hunters.

Over the years, I have noted that there are “head hunters”  in the area.  Now, these head hunters are not job placement people.  These are people who literally cut off and collect heads.

Of course, they are not human heads.  They are deer heads.  In fact, whenever a nice looking buck with a nice rack is hit by a car, someone will harvest the head.

The meat may go to waste but not the rack.  Welcome to Lowell.