Joan Jett.

Rock star Joan Jett, has been removed from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade because she is a vegetarian.  It seems that some of the parade sponsors were from the cattle industry and saw a conflict of interest.

Maybe next year she can be on the Green Giant float.

Renew And You’ll Get Two!

One year, I got a notice that the subscription to one of my favorite magazines was about to expire.  So, I renewed it for two years not realizing that I still had two years left on my subscription.  But, instead of adding the new two years to the existing two years, they chose to send me two magazines for the next two years.

After two years, I chose to let both subscriptions expire and then start all over with a fresh subscription.  Now, when ever I get a subscription notice, I check the magazine label to see when it really expires.  And, I only renew a month in advance.

This Is Your Final Issue!

The other day, I received a magazine in the mail.  It boldly announced that it was my final issue.  Since I had not subscribed to the magazine, I can safely say that it was also my first issue.

I get so tired of the magazine scams.  I am always getting notices that my subscriptions are about to expire even though that won’t happen for another two years.

“What’s Your FAX Number?”

The other day at work, I got a call.  (me) “Hello”?  (them) “What is your FAX number?”  (me) “517-373-0303.”  (them)  “Thanks.”  (click).  A few moments later, a vehicle  inspection form appeared on my FAX machine.

I assume that the person who called me had miss-dialed.  Unfortunately, I had no way of contacting them.  Nor did I have any way of forwarding their FAX to the right location.

Oh well, I guess that they will eventually figure it out.

The GVSU Wrecking Ball.

Grand Valley State University has re-installed their giant wrecking ball sculpture after students protested it’s removal.  The wrecking ball was removed after several students, inspired by Millay Cyrus, were caught swinging on it nude.

In an effort to prevent further nude swinging, GVSU installed a fence around the ball.  Of course, with the on set of cold weather, I would think that the students would abandon such activities lest they end up like the proverbial “tongue on the flag pole”.