Salon 206 Is Closed.

Salon 206 is where I used to get my hair cut back when I got my hair cut.  In fact, I was a “charter customer” of Salon 206.

I used to get my hair cut at another salon.  But, when my favorite stylist left and started Salon 206, I followed.  That was 25 years ago.  Then,  about 15 years ago, I decided to just let my hair grow.  So, I no longer did business there.  Yet, we were close and kept in touch.

But, the owner was ready to retire and I can understand that.  We were together for a very long time.  I wish her the best.

Traffic Lights

photo (1)


We have new traffic lights here in Lowell.  And while you can not see it, there are now left turn lights for the cross traffic.  With the expressway in one direction and the high school in the other, there is quite a bit of cross traffic in this intersection.  And who knows, we may one day get left turn lights in all four directions.

MSU vs UM.

Well, once again, it is that time of the year; the MSU/UM football game.  And, in keeping with MSU tradition, it is a “lose-lose” event.

If MSU loses, you have to listen to them “whine” for weeks on end; the officiating was bad, UM didn’t play fairly, etc.  And, if they win, you have to listen to them openly gloat about their victory, as if they had all donated a kidney to Mother Teresa.

But, I have noted a certain neuroses on the part of MSU fans.  MSU fans behave like they are the Ugly Step Children of Michigan.  Their focus is not on the Rose Bowl; their only focus is on beating UM.  And nothing else matters as long as they beat Michigan.  In this day and culture, they are much like suicide bomber. “we don’t care if we live or die as long as we kill er beat UM…”

And while most Michigan fans, that I have observed, will root for MSU if MSU is headed for the Rose Bowl, the MSU fans will not return the favor.  Instead, MSU fans will root for who ever opposes UM.

MSU fans are a sad “sicko” lot.


There is a new type of underwear on the market called “Shreddies”.  Shreddies claim to fame is that they absorb gastrointestinal odors.  No more “Crop dusting”, no more staying down wind, no more working the crowd.   In short, your farts won’t smell.   And, with an ample supply of cotton wadding, no one will hear you either.