10 Million Pounds Of Chicken Wings.

Mc Donalds has a problem.  They have 10 million pounds of chicken wings that they are trying to get rid of.  It seems that their chicken wings are not big sellers because they are too expensive.  So, in a desperation, they are dropping their prices.

Well, if the price is right, I just might try them myself.

The Ghost Of Christmas Present: You Want How Much?

Since our present managers are socially inept, the director decided that they would each contribute $50 towards our Christmas luncheon.

Of course, most of them complained that this was a financial hardship and started their own efforts against the party.  They then started asking their employes for additional money for the Christmas party.

Suddenly, the Christmas party was no longer a $5 event.  Rather, it was quickly becoming a $10 event.  Of course, at $10, most people were not willing to sign up for it.  After all, for $10, you could have lunch at a nice restaurant and not have to socialize with people that you don’t like.

I love Christmas!!


The Ghost Of Christmas Past: Is This All That There Is??!!

One of the biggest trials in our office was organizing the annual Christmas luncheon.  Several women in the office were more than willing to help prepare the Christmas luncheon.

They provided turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, green beans, coffee, punch and desert all for $5.  But, someone complained that they were getting ripped off and could do it for less.  So, those women refused to do it again.

Of course, the  complainer tried but couldn’t do the dinner for less than that price.  But, the damage was already done.  From now on, all dinners needed to be catered.


The Ghost Of Christmas Past: Bah!! Humbug!!

One year at Christmas, I had a boss who was extremely, well, CHEAP!!  It was so bad that our director finally told him that he had to do something for us at Christmas.  He could arrange for us to have lunch together where we paid for our own lunch.  Or, he could buy us each a Christmas card.

But, he chose not to do either.  Instead, a half hour before quitting time on Christmas Eve, he walked around the office, shook our hands and wished us all a Merry Christmas.  He then announced that he was leaving early but still expected us to work until our quitting time.

I guess letting the rest of us leave a half hour early on Christmas Eve was more than his neurotic Catholic psyche could handle.

The Ghost Of Christmas Past: Gifts Unwanted.

One year, we had a new boss at work.  And that boss wanted to do something special for us at Christmas.  So, he bought us each a special gift.  And while the gift was not expensive, it was a nice gesture.

Unfortunately, one of my co-workers was a difficult person who resented any authority.  So, when our boss handed him that wrapped gift, he proceeded to thank the boss and then left the gift on his desk, unwrapped, for the next few years.

Needless to say, we never got another gift from that boss.

The Ghost Of Christmas Past: Black On Green.

One year, the company that I worked for was under new ownership.  And, the new owners felt that they should do something special for us at Christmas.  So, they made a special Christmas cards for us.

The cards said “Seasons Greetings from XYZ company” and were printed on the copy machine using green paper.  Since the cards were rather small, they got two per sheet of paper and were then cut in half.  They were then distributed to us by our managers.

Given the negative reaction by the staff, it would have been better to have done nothing.