MSU: Win, Lose, East Lansing Takes A Hit.

Well, MSU beat OSU last weekend and the East Lansing MSU fans went nuts as usual.  But, they only set 57 fires and over turned one BMW so they are improving from years past I guess.

Unfortunately, the football season isn’t over yet.  East Lansing still has to prepare for the Rose Bowl.  And, as always with the East Lansing MSU fans, win or lose, they will riot.

Kim Jong Un

There is now a Kim Jong Un impersonator running around.  Of course, while it is one thing to impersonate someone who is famous and loved, like Elvis, it is quite another to impersonate someone who is, well, of questionable character.  This Kim Jong Un needs to be careful lest he meet and untimely demise.

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon.

65 cases if Pappy Van Winkle bourbon are missing from the distillery.  Pappy Van Winkle bourbon is very rare and rather pricy.   So the theft has sent shock waves through the bourbon drinking world. 

Of course, there is some speculation that the theft is nothing but a publicity hoax.  Time will tell.