Self Cleaning Oven.

My gas range has a self cleaning oven.  I have found this to be quite handy during this recent cold spell.

While my heating system does a great job of heating my house under normal weather conditions, it has a hard time keeping up with these sub-arctic temperatures.  So, whenever I feel that the temperature is getting too low in the house, I clean the oven.  And, for the next 3 hours, the house gets quite balmy.

Domhnach Na Fola.

Domhnach Na Fola is Gaelic for “Bloody Sunday’.  Domhnach Na Fola took place on this date in 1972, when British Paratroopers opened fire on a peaceful civil rights parade in Northern Ireland killing 14 and wounding 14 more.  Some of those demonstrators were shot in the back while fleeing.  Others were gunned down while trying to assist the wounded.

A few years later, Bono wrote a song about the event called “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”.

Chicken Wings.

The other day while reading the news online, I came across an article featuring chicken wing recipes.  Since they sounded very delicious, I thought that I might give them a try.

So, when I was at Meijer (regional grocery chain) I decided to check them out.  Needless to say, I was shocked at the price.  $2.75 per pound!  Wow!

Wondering if the price of chicken had jumped, I picked up a package of chicken breasts to compare.  The breasts were $1.29 per pound which is much more in line with chicken prices.  So, I purchased the chicken breasts in stead.  After all, chicken fingers could be just as tasty as chicken wings.

I wonder what the price of chicken wings will be after the Super Bowl?

How Much Is That Water?!

The other day when we checked into our room in Cambridge MA, we noticed a couple of bottles of spring water sitting on our desk.  And, since I was thirsty, I opened one up.  That is when I noticed that $2.75 price on the bottle.  Well, needless to say, we didn’t drink any more of their bottled water.

Shredded Cheese; Regular Or Fancy?

The other day, I went to Meijer (regional grocery chain) to buy some cheese.  Since I was going to shred it anyway, I thought that I might as well buy it already shredded since it was the same price.

But then I noticed that they had two kinds; regular and fancy.  Since the regular looked like regular shredded cheese and the fancy looked like finely grated cheese, I chose the regular.

Anti-Virus Software.

A number of years ago, I purchased an Anti-virus software package.  When the license expired, they offered me the option to renew it on line.  And so I did.  And, each year when it was time to renew, the license fee increased.

At first, the renewal fee seemed reasonable.  But after a while, I discovered that I could buy the last version in the store cheaper than I could renew it on line.  And so, that is what I have been doing.

I would have thought that renewing on line would be cheaper for the software company than packaging and distributing a disk.  But, what ever.

Nelson Mandela?

With the passing of Nelson Mandela, a group of people wanted to memorialize him by posting a picture of him along with all of his accomplishments.  Unfortunately, the picture that they used was that of Morgan Freedmen and not Nelson Mandela.

I wonder if they listed all of Morgans movies?

Pileated Woodpecker.

photo-1 (2)

I looked out the kitchen window this morning and saw a Pileated Woodpecker hanging off of my suet feeder.  I was surprised to see this and tried to get a picture with my iPhone.  but, the big guy flew on to a nearby tree.

At 18 inches in length, these big birds are very shy, so I was glad to get this photo.  He flew off moments later.

Well, I guess that explains why I am running out of suet so quickly.