Olympic Spoiler Alerts.

Our local new station has Olympic spoiler alerts.  These alerts allow viewers to turn away from a recap of the Olympics so as to avoid learning the out come of the yet to be televised events.  Unfortunately, after the “spoiler alert” ended, the news went on to play the highlights on their sports segment.

I guess either the sports news people didn’t get the word or they had nothing else to televise.

If You Have Seen One Engineer, You Have Seen Them All.

As a Telecommunications Engineer, I receive a lot of free trade publications.  But, then I started receiving trade publications for Mechanical Engineers.  And that was fine.  That soon expanded into Chemical Engineering and then into Biological Engineer.  Recently, I started receiving publications on Forensics.  Well OK.

After a few years, my job title changed to Systems Architect.  So, I now receive trade publications on structural steel, metal fabrication, concrete design, HVAC, flooring material, etc.  And while these publications are interesting, I simply don’t have time to read all of them.

Accident News Team.

Our local TV station likes to send news teams to highway accidents.  Recently, there was a multi-vehicle accident on the interstate an hour away.  So, the TV station sent their news crew for a live report.  And, what did they report?  Why, they reported themselves sitting in a traffic jam on the interstate.  Go figure.

Aloe Leaves.

When I was in the produce section of Meijer (regional grocery chain) I noticed that they are now carrying Aloe leaves.

I don’t know if you are suppose to eat them or make burn ointment out of them.  Either way, I see them going the way of the Artichokes that the store used to carry.

Rendering Lard.

I put suet out for the birds along with sunflower seeds.  But, rather than buy that expensive Gourmet suet, I render my own lard.  I buy 4-5 pounds of lard, grind it up with my food grinder and melt it down.  Then, I line bread pans with plastic grocery bags and ladle in about an inch of liquid lard into each bread pan.  After they cool, I remove the plastic bags from the pans and throw them into the freezer.

With any degree of luck, today s rendering will last until May.