Boiled Peanuts.

While traveling in North Carolina, we noticed signs that were advertizing “boiled peanuts”.  Now, I am not sure what boiled peanuts are all about but they don’t sound very appealing to eat.  It seems like they would be rather rubbery.  Maybe they are for people with bad teeth.

Blasting Ahead!

While driving along the interstate in Michigan, it is not uncommon to see signs announcing that they are mowing the road sides.  But, in Kentucky and Tennessee, you see signs announcing that they are blasting the road sides.

Well, I guess that it one way to control growth.

Edward Snowden Is A Traitor!

When Edward Snowden first defected, the media led me to believe that he was just a poor naive computer geek who woke up one morning and realized that he was doing something very wrong.  And so, I had mixed feelings about his culpability.

But, today, he revealed that he was indeed a US spy who had been involved in many covert activities in both the US and abroad.  And that he was fully cognizant of his actions.

In short, Snowden knew that he was a spy when he defected and therefore has betrayed his country.

The Lost Has Been Found!

I just received a notice that my new laptop arrived at the repair center.  Of course, that was followed by a notice that it has been repaired and shipped back to me all in one day.

Since it is under their warranty, I have to play by their rules.  I am skeptical but time will tell if they have really fixed it this time.

Maryland Crab Cakes.

The menu advertized Maryland Crab Cakes.  So, I decided to give them a try.  After all, Maryland is just up the coast from the Outer Banks and it has been a few years since I have eaten Maryland Crab Cakes.

When my plate arrived, there were two crab cakes on it.  YUM!  Then I took my first bite.  YUCH!!!  They were dry and tasteless and loaded with salt.

I managed to choke down one and passed on the second.  The waiter gave me a box for the second cake.  Once I got out side of the restaurant, I dumped the box in the nearest trash receptacle.