Another Obama Care Victim.

A hospice care facility in west Michigan is closing its door next month and 40 people will loose their jobs.  The reason?  The Affordable Health Care Act made it impossible to operate any longer.  I am sure that Obama Care will claim many more victims in the near future.

Windows 8; Another Complaint.

Recently, I decided to add the Weather Channel to my Windows 8 laptop.  So, I went out to the Weather Channel web site to download the desktop app.  But to my dismay, as soon as I selected the app. for Windows 8, Windows popped me to the Windows app. store.

From the app. store, Windows offered me a selection of weather apps.  And, when I chose the Weather Channel app., it said that it was loading it but nothing happened.

After several tries, I went back to the Weather Channel web site and chose the app. for Windows 7 instead of 8.  Once I did that, the app. loaded normally and worked just fine.

Sociopaths Make Great Salespeople.

Sociopaths make great salespeople.  On the surface, they are warm and personable.  But deep down inside, they are cold and calculating.  So, they may seem like your friend.  But if it looks like the sale may fall through, they are happy to stab you in the back and not feel bad about it.


Normally, this time of the year the produce section of our local grocery store is fully of Zucchini.  So, when I wanted to buy one for grilling, I surprised to discover a shortage of them.

Finally, I located some on the end of the isle for $.99 a pound.  But a closer examination revealed that they were $1.99 a pound.  But wait, that’s not $1.99 per pound, that is $1.99 each!!

They were organic and individually wrapped.  I guess wrapping them individually keeps them from contamination.  And while I didn’t like the price, I needed a Zucchini for supper to I paid the price.  Of course, next week there will probably be a million of them in the store but that is neither here nor there.

Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz recently appeared before the Senates Consumer Protection panel to protest individuals who illegally use his name on their products.  But instead, he got reprimanded for his endorsements of “miracle pills” and “magical cures”.  He, of course, denied any wrong doings but did say he would make an effort to prevent it from happening in the future.

Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

A restaurant in Grand Rapids was recently cited for a liquor violation and had its liquor license suspended for 3 days by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  The restaurant appealed the three day suspension and was given a 10 day suspension instead.

Now, while I don’t wish to judge the merits of the case, I do think that it is a gross injustice to punish someone for following the due processes of the legal system.  And, I have to wonder if their is anyone who will hold the Michigan Liquor Control Commission accountable or if they are an entity unto them selves?

The restaurant is appealing the latest punishment and I am sure that we will hear more about this before it is done.

Disk Golf.

A new store has opened on main street in Lowell.  It is a disk golf store.  And while there may be some interest in disk golf in Lowell, I really wonder if it is great enough to sustain a store front.  I guess time will tell.

Grand Opening! Please Buy Our Expensive Gasoline.

One of our local gas station razed their old building and put up a new and improved one.  And, they had their grand opening last week.

And usually, when there is a grand opening, there are special discount prices on their products.  Unfortunately, their new digital sign was advertizing their gas and it was about $0.10 per gallon higher than the other stations in town.  And, no one was even stopping in at the station.

So much for the grand opening.  I wonder if they will be in business in another 6 months.