Brown Tomatoes?


While in the produce section of my local grocery store, I noticed that they are now selling brown tomatoes.  Some how, brown tomatoes just doesn’t appeal to me.  If I was served a tossed salad with brown tomatoes, I would send it back.

Maybe I am old fashioned but tomatoes, like watermelon, should be red.

Civil Disobedience Or Free Speech?


When I arrived at work this week, someone had painted graffiti on the inside of the parking ramp door.  Since the parking ramp requires an access card to gain entry, we assume it was an inside job.

We don’t know who Dunbar is or why he/she should not be pardoned but apparently this means something to someone.  So, is this civil disobedience or free speech?

The people doing the clean up were not amused.

Drivers Education.


Our church allows a drivers education school to use the parking lot for training.  And, usually the class has four cars that have signs on them for use with the program.  But, apparently enrollment was up this month as they were forced to rent two trucks for the training.  I guess at $19.95 a day, it is a really bargain.

The New Colors Of White.

photo-4When I was growing up, there were two shades of white paint, white and off white.  But on my recent trip to Lowes I discovered that there are now 144 shades of white.

This is more than my brain can handle.  I have enough trouble dealing with 144 different colors let alone 144 shades of the same color.

Is This Really A Robot?

The other day I saw a recipe on line that I liked.  So, I decided to email to myself so that I would have easy access.  To ensure that I wasn’t a robot, the web site asked me to describe the enclosed picture in two words.

The picture was difficult to discern but it looked like numbers on a house.  So, I typed “house address” but that was incorrect.  Next, I tried street address but that too was incorrect.

So, I asked for a different picture.  And again, I was given a picture of numbers on a house.  And, as before, I entered “house address” and again I was wrong.

Finally, I entered the literal numbers that I saw.  This time I was correct.

I don’t understand how a four digit number stream constitutes two words.  I guess this is intended to confuse robots.