How Would You Like Your Steak?

How would you like your steak?  That is a question that I get asked whenever I order a steak.  And unfortunately, my request is not always met.  One particular restaurant that I occasionally visit, always over cooks my steak.  This is sad since it is a steak house.

I prefer my steak to be medium rare but I am always served one that is medium well.  Maybe the cook thinks that I don’t really know what I want.  Or maybe the cook doesn’t really care what I want.  Either way, I get a steak that is over cooked.

I could always complain and send it back but I usually don’t want to wait for another steak which may or may not be any different.  Maybe next time I will order it rare and see what I get.

New Zealand Springs.

Recently, I ran across a product with the scent of “New Zealand Springs”.  And while the scent sounds picturesque, I have a hard time imagining how New Zealand springs should smell.  I mean, I have never been to New Zealand so I can’t testify one way or the other.  And, I doubt that all New Zealand springs smell the same.  After all, the springs next to an orchard are going to smell different than the springs next to a sheep pen.

If I were really interested in the scent, I would buy the product just to see what it smells like.  But I am not so I won’t.


Usually, when I am staying at a hotel, I return the access cards to the front desk when I leave.  I have no use for the cards and I know that they can be reused.  But, during my recent stay, not only did the hotel reuse the access cards, they used “white out” on the card key packet to change the room number.

Of course, if they really wanted to save money, they would just reuse the same packet for the same room and not waste the “white out”.

TV Ads In Strange Locations.

While watching TV in Indiana, their ads never ceased to amaze me.  One was for a high end furniture store.  They pointed out the elegance, refinement and sophistication of their products.   And, everything about the TV ad seemed to indicate that this was a store for the serious furniture shopper.  But, then the guy in the gorilla costume started running around.

Well, so much for refinement.

Indiana Light Houses.

While watching the local news station in Indiana, one of their backdrop pictures was that of a light house on a big pier in a big lake.    From the picture, you get the impression that this is one of many light houses.  But, since Indiana is primarily land locked, I assume that the picture was taken up around Gary where Indiana actually touches Lake Michigan.   Still, the photo leaves you with the feeling that Indiana is on the east coast.