Five Fingers And A Thumb.

Mel Brooks was recently invited to put his hand prints in cement on the Hollywood walk of fame.  And, in keeping with his usual antics, he had a fake finger added to his hand so that he would leave the prints of five fingers and a thumb in the cement.

I wonder how many people will notice?

Google Spoons.

Google has developed a new type of spoon for people suffering from Parkinson disease.  It has a built in stability system which helps control the hand tremors of those using it which makes it easier to use.  Maybe next they will come up with a stabilizing cup.

Throwing Knives.

One of the ads in a hunting catalog featured “throwing knives”.  Since the ad appeared along with shotguns and archery equipment, I had to wonder if throwing knives was an alternative way to hunt.  And, since they are sold in sets of three, I assume that you get multiple tries at your game.

Or, maybe throwing knives provides a past time while you are waiting for some game to pass by.  Or maybe you and your group can pass the time away at night while drinking and playing cards in the cabin.

Regardless, I think that “throwing knives” are an accident waiting to happen.  “Hey ya all!! Watch this!!”

Warm And Bloody

I ordered a steak salad the other day in a restaurant.  When the waitress asked me how I wanted my steak cooked, I told her “medium rare”.  With a curled lip she stated that it would be warm and bloody.  I replied, “Yeah, like road kill.”  And though she looked horrified, I got my salad just the way that I wanted it.