Computerized Progress.

When I first started working for the State, our time sheets were handled manually.  Every Tuesday following the end of a pay period, we filled out our time sheets and handed them in to our secretary.

But then, about 15 years ago, the State decided to automate the process.  So, we received a computer program for our time.  But instead of filling out our time on Tuesday after the pay period, we filled it out on Thursday of the pay period.  This meant that if we got sick on that Friday or if we ended working on that weekend, we had to amend our time on the following Monday.

After 15 years, the old computerized system was too slow and outdated.  So, we got a new computerized system. Now, we fill out our time on the Wednesday of the pay period.  And corrections are made on the following Monday.

And we call this progress.

Californian Sphinx.

Archaeologists digging in the California desert recently discovered an Egyptian Sphinx.  Thinking that they had made the discovery of a life time, they carefully began unearthing it.  When they determined that the find was made of plastic, they realized that it was one of several props left over from the shooting of the film “The Ten Commandments”.

Mexican Mass Graves.

Recently, 43 college students were reported missing in Mexico.  Fearing the worst, the Mexican government began searching for mass graves.  And while they found 5, the grave did not contain the students.

I don’t even know where to begin on this one.  Apparently mass graves are so common in Mexico that authorities could find 5 in their search for the 43 college students.

Does anyone need a reason for staying out of Mexico?

Art Prize Judges.

Well, Art Prize 2014 is over.  The awards were judged by both the public and a team of professionals.  Well, needless to say, the public had a different view of the art than the judges..

In fact, one of the judges looked like a real flake.  She was in her 20s with red hair and her eyes seemed to just roll around in her head with no apparent destination.

When I commented on her looks, my wife reprimanded me saying that I was out of line.  But when the judge dissed one of my wife’s favorite pieces, my wife got upset.

Well, OK.

North Country Trail 5.

So, what is the purpose of a hiking trail?   Is it to get from point “A” to point “B”?  Is it to enjoy the scenery?  Is it for exercise?  Is it some or all of the above?

Well in the case of the North Trail, it was suppose to a scenic and enjoyable hike.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t.   We made the march to the park in record time with granny in the lead.

I won’t be doing it again!!!!

North Country Trail 4.

At the three mile mark, we took a break.  This was the official “turn back” point. We were given apples and told that the bus would be along to take anyone home if we wanted.  Two more of my fellow hikers decided to leave.  I thought about it but knew that my wife would not approve.  So, I stayed.

Unfortunately, an 82 year old granny staff worker took the lead.  Since she walked the trail on a regular basis, she was ready to get us to the end as quickly as possible.  And, since she was determined to make the trail end in record time, she began a death march..  Of course, she had no idea of where she was or even who she was, but that didn’t matter.

With Granny in the lead, I soon found myself in the back of the pack.  And while I was concerned that she would fall and break a hip, she wasn’t .  So, she continued at a record breaking pace.  Mean while, I was over a mile behind the pack.  This brought me to question the purpose of such hikes.

North Country Trail 3.

The first leg of the hike was a mile long 45 degree grade.  My calves screamed with every step.  But, I agreed to make the trip so, my best move was to move to the head to of the line so that I could slow it down.  And it worked!!!   The leader would stop every few yards and give us a rest. YES!!

When we got to the 1 mile mark, two of the hikers left the hike.  We had managed to hike one mile south of where we started and were essential back in town.  And since our destination was north of us, we questioned the purpose of the trail.  But, we continued on.