North Country Trail 2.

The hikers were to meet at the Boy Scout camp at 11:30 just down the road from us.  So, we showed up at the designated time but no one was there except for the boy scouts.  When we learned that the Boy Scout were having a knife throwing contest, we decided to stay close to the car.

Eventually, the hike staff and other hikers arrived.  So, we had, 8 hikers and 6 staff when we started.

North Country Trails 1

We have a hiking trail that runs through our back yard.  It is a part of the North Country Trail.  And, a part of the trail runs 3 miles north of town to a county park.   Well, for several years, I have talked about hiking the trail out to the park and then having a picnic lunch, but it never happened.

Well, the other weekend, the North Country Trail Association was offering a “free guided hike” to the park.  So, I was told that we would make the event.  Well, OK!!

Zoning Violation!!

The other night, I came home from work only to discover a letter from the city stating that I was in violation of a zoning ordinance.  Zoning violation??  Yes!! The numbers on my house were not correctly displayed.  Really, after 25 years??

As I read the violation notice with book/chapter/verse quoted, I wondered if they had the right house.  After all, I seemed to be compliant and it wondered if they had made a mistake. So, I stopped in at city hall to ask some questions.

They too seemed confused as to why I was in violation.  Finally, they agreed that perhaps they were incorrect in sending me a violation notice.  Time will tell.