Taco Bell Surveys.

Every time that I go to a Taco Bell, they ask me to take their online survey with a chance to win MONEY!  But every time that I finish their survey they announce that the prize has already been awarded.

So, it appears to that the prize was already awarded even before I took the survey.  I don’t bother taking the surveys any more since I will never have a chance of wining the prize.

Seniors, Seniors, Everywhere.

One year, I thought that I could get into the polls to vote first thing before work.  So, I walked in as soon as the polls had opened only to find about 30 senior citizens waiting in line ahead of me.  It seems that they were all going to vote and then go out for breakfast together.  Seeing that it was not possible for me to vote and make it into work on time, l left and came back after work.  But, it was a nice idea.

Tim Hortons And A Dentist.

While checking out an airport for an upcoming trip, I noticed that they had a dentist office in the air terminal.  And while I have seen a number of unusual shops in air terminals, this is the first time that I have ever seen a dentist office in there.  I wonder if they get a lot of repeat customers.

Ordering Egg Rolls.

Our secretary sent out an email to all of us telling us that my co-worker would be taking orders for egg rolls on Thursday.  Unfortunately, my co-worker didn’t know anything about it.  So when people started contacting her about ordering, she was confused.  Oh well, my office seems to  thrive one miscommunications and confusion.


I needed to buy some particle board for the sub-flooring in my house.  I wanted to buy 1 inch but the thickest that they had was 31/32.  Really??!!  They couldn’t make it an inch?  It will work just fine, of course, but these new odd sizes are annoying at best and confusing at worst.  I guess a 1/32 of an inch can make all of the difference in the world.  Maybe it is really metric and that it what it translates to in inches.