The former Grand Rapids City Clerk is suing the city for wrongful dismissal.  She claims she was fired because of racial discrimination.  The City said that she was incompetent.

Her original suit was for $1,000,000,000.00.  But then she realized that she had made a mistake and meant to sue for only $1,000,000.00.

I think that the city is correct in their assessment of her abilities.

Holidays In The Office.

Holidays in the office seem to be getting more and more complex with each passing year.  While Thanksgiving and such are no big deal, Christmas now seems to be a major stumbling block.

In past, we could have a Christmas luncheon, but not any more.  First, there are the Vegans who not only want a special menu for them, they are also offended by the other menu items.  And while the Hindus don’t agree with the holiday, they are contractors and will go along with it regardless of their beliefs.

But, we also have those who have converted to Buddhism.  And even though they were raised Catholic, they find this holiday celebration to be offensive and therefore, will not participate.

Thankfully, I am not on the planning committee.

Good To See You Again.

At the funeral of my late wife, I was amazed to see people that I have not seen in 40 years.  Now, I am not talking about friends of the family, I am talking people that I personally knew and have not seen in 40 years.  And, I have not heard from them since the funeral.

I find their sudden reappearance to be interesting.  But then again, funerals bring out a lot of strange people.