Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 100.

While attempting to get a Ham radio license, I went to a website that offered free practice exams.  The idea was to take the practice exams until I could repeatedly pass them.  So, over a weekend, I decided to immerse my self in learning the exams.

The first time I took the practice exam, I failed it miserable.  But, not to be discouraged by one test, I took it a few more time and could start to see an improvement.

Since it took about 10 minutes to take the test and review the answers, I could do about 6 test per hour.  And, depending on my activities, I could do 30 to 60 in a day.  After a few days, I was passing every practice exam, and was even managing to get perfect scores on occasion.

Studying For A Ham Radio License.

When I decided to get a Ham radio license, a co-worker of mine told me that all I needed to do was pass an easy 35 question multiple choice exam.  He even referred me to a website where I could take practice tests as many times as I wanted.

When I asked him if there was a site where I could take a class, he told me that I didn’t need a class.  Since there were only about 100 different questions, all I needed to do was to memorize the answers to the questions.  In short, I was to keep taking the practice tests until I could repeatedly pass the practice exams.

The Cheap Ham Radio.

One of my co-workers has a Ham radio license.  He also has a new handheld two way radio that can talk all of the way around the world.  He only paid $35.00 for the radio.

Well, at the price, it got my attention.  I could try out operating a Ham radio without investing thousands into a radio shack.  So, for $35 and a radio license, I too could become a Ham radio operator.  So, why not.

Missed Again!

Last Friday, the weather service was predicting 6″ of snow on Sunday morning.  So, we decided to attend church on Saturday night just in case the weather was bad.  By Saturday night, the weather service was predicting 1″ of snow.  But, by Sunday morning, it hadn’t snowed at all.  Oh well.

R.I.P. Disco Dungeon.

The old DIsco Dungeon building has been demolished.  I guess the empty lot is worth more than the lot with a building on it.

The building started out it life in the 60’s as a drive-in, perhaps a “Dog and Suds”.  Then in the 70, it became a sit down restaurant called the Disco Dungeon.  In the 80’s a butcher shop/car wash.  The 90’s a West Side Deli.  And in 00’s, a Pizza Hut, then a cell phone store.  And finally in the 10’s a computer repair shop.

Of all of the rendition of the building, the Disco Dungeon was by far the most interesting.  And now, only a vacant lot remains.  I hope that they are not going to put in another auto parts store.