Grass Roots Road Repairs : Adopt-A-Highway.

The Adopt-A-Highway program has proven to be quite successful for removing trash along our highways.  Perhaps we could use a similar approach for road repair.  Corporations and community organizations could sponsor the maintenance of various stretches highways.  But, instead of picking up trash, they could go out with a couple of buckets of “cold patch” and fill in some pot holes.  And, if the corporations are large enough, they could even pay for a mile or two of new asphalt.

Grass Roots Road Repair: Bake Sales!

Most people agree that the roads need to be fixed.  Unfortunately, our paid leaders in Lansing can’t seem to come up with a solution for funding the road repair.  So, I guess we need to come up with our own funding solutions.

One of the first that comes to mind are bake sales.  This Grass Roots fund raiser has been around for hundreds of years.  And, it has been quite successful in funding community projects.  So, why not use it to fund road repair?  After all, if enough communities join in the effort, it could prove to be quite effective.

Maple Syrup.

It is spring and the sap is running and so are the sugar bushes.   In years past, you might see a few trees that were tapped.  But this year, the back roads seemed to lined with tapped trees.  I have to wonder as to why there is such a surge in maple syrup?

A Sign Of Spring.

I saw my first Lansing snowplow the other day.  This must be a sure sign of spring.  Of course, in the 26 years that I have worked in Lansing, I have never seen a Lansing snowplow until now.  I suspect that the City took it out of winter storage and moved to a new location where it can be serviced and then put back into winter storage this fall.

6.5 Million US Citizens Over The Age Of 112.

According to Social Security records, there are over 6.5 million people in the US over the age of 112.  And while we all know that this can’t be correct, it is what the records show.

Some of this is caused by clerical errors in the SSA and some of it is caused by unreported deaths early on in the life of the SSA.  But, some of it is no doubt the result of fraud.

Too Many Creamers.


The last time that I was asked to buy coffee creamer, there were over 50 different flavors.  So,to make things simpler for me, my wife gave me a picture of what to buy.

I am really grateful for technology.  With out it, I might have been walking around the store all day with an empty bottle in my pocket.