Nothing Runs Like A $25,000…..

John Deere is now offering a $25,000.00 riding lawn mower.  No, it is not a tractor, it is a lawn mower.  A high end lawn mower.  It is a lawn mower for people who like to drive expensive cars and trucks.  A manly mower with all of the comforts and features.  A mower for those who want to show their neighbor s that life is good.

And I thought that I was being extravagant by buying a self propelled walk behind mower.

The Lowell Subdivision.

Recently in the Lowell paper, there was a map of the new proposed Lowell subdivision.  And since this subdivision was rather large, I decided to read the article to find out just where it would be located.

After reading the article, I determined that the new subdivision is in the exact same location as a subdivision that was proposed over 15 years ago.  This made me wonder if this was a new subdivision or the same one from way back then.

Well, I hope that the new subdivision fares better than the old subdivision.

My Phone Or Your s?

TV ads are now using cell phone text tones in their commercials.  I guess that it is suppose to attract your attention.  But instead of being an attraction, I think that it is a distraction.  After all, when I hear what I think is an incoming text message, I stop listening to the commercial and start looking for my cell phone.  Sorry.

Pink Martini!

Pink Martini is on the summer schedule for Meijer Gardens.  This is awesome!!  And, the tickets are very reasonable.

The first time that I saw them was in Ravinia.  The last time that I saw them was in Kazoo and I paid twice as much for tickets compared to what Meijer is asking.

Definitely a good deal for a great performance!!

Designer Toiletries.

In an effort to attract guests, one hotel chain announced that they had designer toiletries.  That is fine but I am sure that I won’t notice the difference. After all, just because your shampoo comes in a fancy bottle doesn’t mean that it is anything more than cheap soap.