New Frames And Lenses.

Recently when I visited the eye doctor, I was told that I needed new lenses.  Since I had received new lenses just a year ago, I asked if insurance would cover them.  I was told that it would.  In fact, I was told that my insurance would pay for new lenses and frames every two years regardless of my prescription needs.

So, if I get tired of my frames, I can get new ones after two years.


After 26.5 years of working for the State, I have decided to retire.  I can no longer stand the incompetent leadership and lack of effective management. So, I am going to collect my pension and move on. And, moving on for me means that I going to work for Michigan State University.

Coney Island?

The other night on the local news, they reported that a Coney Island was going to open in the area.  And, when they posted the address, I knew just about where it was located.

A week later, I happened to drive past the location and saw the new sign advertizing the restaurant.  So, when my wife and I were in the area around lunch time, I suggested that we eat there.

Now, I happen to love Coney ‘s and had my mouth all set for the meal.  But, when we pulled into the parking lot, we discovered that it was still under construction.  RATS!!  So, we had lunch at Wendy’s instead.

Don’t Use The Sink!

While at a music event, a woman that I know needed to use one of the little blue outhouses.  When she came out, she stated that the floor was so dirty that she didn’t dare to sit her purse down so she put it in the sink instead.  We explained to her that the outhouse did not have a sink in it.

She decided to buy a new purse.