Cheese Burger?

Lately, when I order a cheese burger in a fast food restaurant, they ask me if I want cheese on it.  Of course I want cheese on it.  If I didn’t, I would order a hamburger instead.

I wonder if I can order a cheese burger without the burger?

Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked.

Ashley Madison, the online dating site for married people, has been hacked.  The Hackers are not asking for money.  Instead, they are demanding that the site be shut down or they will release the information on millions of users.

Apparently the hackers are incensed by the blatant immorality of a website dedicated to adultery.  And I am sure that the news of the hack will send fear into the lives of all who use the site.  In short, this news can’t be good for business.

Unfortunately, if this site goes out of business, there will be others that spring up to replace it.

My New Shoes.


I hurt my foot and am required to wrap it with an elastic bandage.  But since I wear loafers for work, I discovered that my shoes don’t fit when my foot is wrapped.  So, I had to purchase some causal shoes that had laces.  Not only do they fit but they are also quite comfortable.

The last time that I bought lace shoes for work was over 20 years ago.  But I suspect that in a week or so I will be back wearing my penny loafers.

My New Radio.


Even though I received my Ham radio license back in January, I really didn’t have a radio that I could talk on.  So, I purchased and installed this little radio in my car.  Now I can talk to people while I am driving.  It has lots of features and works quite well.  Maybe some day I will buy a Ham radio for my house.  Time will tell.

Hospital Parking.

Recently, I had some tests run at a local hospital.  When I pulled into the parking ramp, I received a parking ticket.  When I entered the hospital, they validated the ticket.  So, when I left the parking ramp, I parked for free.

A couple of years back, I visited someone at that very hospital.  And as with my recent visit, my ticket was validated and I parked for free.

So my question is this.  If patients and visitors park for free, who actually pays to park there?

Playing Chicken With The Gas Gauge.

On my way home from work, my low gas light came on.  I was pretty sure that I could make it home with out running out of gas but I wasn’t sure.  So, I watched the gas gauge slowly get lower and lower.  And, I wondered if I was going to make it to the gas station on time. And, I kept telling my self that there is more than enough gas to get me home once the light comes on.  But, I wasn’t sure until I pulled into the gas station.  And when I did, there was almost a gallon to spare.