Late Evening vs Early Morning.

The news often refers to late evening and early morning.  But, I am never sure when they are.  For me, early morning is sometime just after sun rise while late evening is sometime just before sun rise.  After all, morning implies sunlight and evening implies darkness.   However, some people seem to think that late evening is sometime just before midnight and early morning as sometime after midnight.  I guess these are the people who like daylight saving time.

The Quest For Apple Jelly.

Recently, my sister-in-law from the South Bend area came to visit.  While she was here, she commented that she had a recipe that needed apple jelly, but she couldn’t find any at her grocery store.  So, we headed to Meijer to buy apple jelly.  But low and behold, they too were sold out on apple jelly.  I could understand a shortage of canned pumpkin this time of the year, but why apple jelly?

Falling Water.

While Falling Water may be Frank Lloyd Wrights most well known structure, I do have some reservations about it.  The owners of the land wanted Frank to build a house where they could enjoy the view of their water falls.  Frank, however, incorporated the house into the water falls.  So, when you are in the house, you can’t really see the water falls.  In order to see the water falls, you need to go down stream to a place where the house should have been built in the first place.

Mexican Brown Duck

Many years ago, a scientist was given a research grant to study the Mexican Brown duck.  And after several years in the field, he published his work and everyone applauded his efforts.  A few years later, another scientist decided to resume the study.  Unfortunately, the Mexican Brown duck could not be located.  This led some people to speculate that the Mexican Brown duck was nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

Country Western Weddings.

I just read where another country western singer is divorcing his country western singer wife.  These country western singing folks never seem to live happily ever after.  As far back as I can remember, singers like Tammy Wynett, George Jones, Loretta Lynn were getting married and divorced.  And even today, the CW group can’t seem to make marriage work.  I have to wonder if it is because they sing about such topics as cheating and divorce?


The other day for lunch I decided to go to Arby’s and try their Smoke House Brisket sandwich.  The guy in front of me also ordered a Smoke House Brisket and a Corn beef Ruben.  When my order arrived before his, he asked me if that was mine.  When  I told him that it was, he asked me if that was a Smoke House Brisket.  I told him that it was.  Then he asked me if it was any good.  I told him that I didn’t know as I had never had one before.  He then told me that his son-in-law was a dentist and that he was going to have lunch with him.  He told me that he was buying because he wanted to borrow his son-in-laws chainsaw for the weekend.

I was relieved that he was doing take-out.  Otherwise, I was afraid that I would end up with a very chatty lunch companion.