Cold Bananas.

While shopping for bananas, we commented to a stranger that they really ripen quite quickly.  The stranger pointed out the if you put them in the frig, they won’t ripen so quickly.  And, it seems to work. The only problem is that we end up eating cold bananas.  Oh well.

New York Times Best Selling Authors.

I like to listen to audio books when I walk.  And since I can check them out for free at the library, I take full advantage of the service.  But, I have noticed that every audio book on the shelf is a “New York Times best selling author.”  Now, that doesn’t mean that the book is a New York Times best selling book.  It only means that the author has sold a lot of books.  And given the fact that all of the audio books have received this designation makes me wonder what it takes to receive it?

Free i-Pad!

Free i-Pad!  That is what the flyer said that we received in the mail.  And all that we had to do to receive the free i-Pad was attend a free presentation.  Of course, they did not say what the presentation was all about or how long it lasted.  Some how, I got the feeling that there was a time share involved.  And even though the i-Pad was free, we decided to pass on this opportunity. Besides, I am quite happy with my i-Phone.