Easy Riders!

We recently went for our first bike ride on a local bike path.  It was on an old railroad right-of-way that is now paved.  And, since trains don’t do hills, the grades on this path were quite pleasurable.  And so was our ride.  We didn’t even have to change gears.

Medicare Does Come At A Cost.

A few days ago, I received a bill saying that I owed $365.40 Medicare insurance.  And, if it was paid by the end of the month, I would loose my Medicare insurance.  Since I have recently received a number of “scam” insurance mailing, I was skeptical.  But after further checking, I discovered that the bill is legitimate and that the amount is a quarterly payment for Medicare Part B.  And since I didn’t want to loose my Medicare, I sent them the money.

You Must Respond Immediately Or You Will Loose You Eligibility.

Since I will soon be on Medicare, I receive a ton of misleading healthcare mailing.  And it can be very confusing because they tell you that you must respond before your next birthday.  In reality, these mailings are trying to sign you up for their health care insurance plan.  And if you are not well informed, you could be fooled into buying insurance that you may not need.