Super Size It!

What started out as getting large fries and a soft drink with your fast food meal combo has now spilled over into the main stream restaurant business.  I was recently in a restaurant that advertised 6 egg omelets.  And while an omelet sounded good, I knew that I would not be able to eat such a huge meal.  But since all of their omelets were made with 6 eggs, I opted for a 1 pound turkey club instead.

No Two Snow Flakes Are Ever Alike?

They say that no two snow flakes are ever alike but how do they know?  Have they done an exhaustive search?  While I realize that there are an astronomical number of variations with each snow flake, there are also an astronomical number of snow flakes in the world.  So it would seem to me that the possibility of two identical snow flakes is much greater than previously believed.

Detroit Public Schools And Ellen Degeneres.

After receiving a plea for help from students at a Detroit public school, Ellen Degeneres gave the school a sizable donation so that they could fix up the schools gymnasium.  But, when Ellen checked back several months later on the progress of the repairs, the school officials claimed that they never received the money and did not know anything about it.  And while it is a sad situation for the poor students at the school, it is very typical for Detroit.