And The Winner Of Best Picture Is “Stupid People”.

While I no longer watch the Academy Awards, I did catch the news.  When it came to the Best Picture award, the presenters blurted out “La La Land” before the awards envelope was even opened.  Unfortunately, they were wrong.  Had they waited and read the contents of the envelope, they would have found out that it was really “Moonlight” instead.  And these people think that they could run this country.  Sad.

Hi, My Name Is Dave.

Some fast food places have now started to ask for a name for the order.  That way when your order is ready, they can call your name.  This is fine and dandy except when you have a name like mine.  When I tell them “Ned” they say Ed? or Fred?  And since I have gotten tired of playing the name game, I just tell them that my name is Dave.   I mean “Dave” is a pretty common name and hard to confuse with any other names.  But the other day when I told them that my name was “Dave”, they said “Steve”?  And since I didn’t want to play the name game I said “that works”.  A few minutes later I heard, “Steve your order is ready”.

Victoria Secrets On Display.

The other day while shopping at the mall, I noticed two teenage girls with their Victoria Secrets bags proudly on display out in front of them as they walked.  And the way that they were walking lead me to believe that they wanted the world to see them and their bags.  Whatever.

Reusable K Cups.

Tired of buying those expensive K Cups when you make coffee?  They now have K Cups that are reusable!  You simply fill the cup with your favorite coffee and stick it in your K Cup brewer.  Push the button and you get Coffee!  All for a fraction of the cost.  Of course, you could have just purchased a cheap drip brewer for $20 and achieved the same results.  Go Figure.